The Invasion of the USA.


                                               The invasion

the invasion of the United States by illegal aliens from Mexico Honduras Nicaragua, Pan-American, Guatemala. The only way it can be stopped and there’s a couple ways. First of all stop all aid money given to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Pan-American, and Nicaragua, by the United States of America. It is billions of dollars that the leaders pocket for themselves, they do not help their people or their country. If they can’t control their citizen they should not get one cent from the United States of America to support their countries let them stand alone and support their own countries. That’s one big fault that this country has we’re always giving money to countries to survive, but they don’t use the money to help their country or their people the leaders of the country pocket the money and just get rich off of our money. That’s because the Democratic Party and traitor Republicans want to run this country like it’s a world charity for everybody because they get a ton of money,” we got a ton of people will just raise the taxes so we can give way more money what are we care of the American public working public is poor that’s what their subverts with her here for to support us and the world.”

Now all illegal aliens that are in this country from Mexican, Honduran, Nicaraguan, Pan-American, should not get anything from this country. No free education no free housing, no free hospitalization, no money for themselves or their children. We should not allow illegal Mexicans to use anchor babies so they can stay in this country. Like the Muslims they don’t belong here they belong where they came from. The Nazi socialist communist Democrats party run by Obama and all the rest of the rats that are in the deep state plus Nancy Pelosi, all the Congressman Democrat and Republican want this to happen to our country otherwise at lest the Republicans would’ve made an effort to stop and change our laws so that our country is protected but they didn’t do that. We are now faced with an invasion of 7000 uneducated uncivilized on un- sanitized people that have diseases they we’ve cured many years ago bringing them back in that his country.

They don’t want to be American they want to be what they are see the TV news you see there are cover themselves in their own country’s flag. Why did they leave. Because this stupid country runs our country from our politicians senators and congressmen party like it’s a charity. They give billions of dollars to all the countries in the world to keep them alive but nobody gives this country anything and everybody in the world want to destroy this country including all our congressmen and senators otherwise this would never happen otherwise this would never be going on right now.

Pres. Trump is right and everything he does and he does not get the cooperation he needs from these senators and congressmen of both party’s. Now here’s an old adage that comes in, is true. If the Congress didn’t want this to happen it wouldn’t happen. They wanted to have they want to destroy this country. They want to turn this country a country that is not a sovereign country  they want all illegal alien Mexicans, they want open borders they want one complete Western Hemisphere because they think they’re going to run the world, well I got news for these congressmen and senators who are destroying our country you better be careful because if we can’t beat you at the poles there’s another way we can beat  all of you.


Pres. Trump is the only president in the history of the United States of America that wants to save America for Americans he’s not ready to give our country away like the senators and congressmen and past presidents are because they’re all professional politicians who have no guts to stop anything to give our country away and steal money hand over fist. And so do all the senators and congressmen. they’ll sell our country out, there traitors but they will sell themselves up and until they destroy us. Again if the Congress didn’t want this to happen and cooperate with Obama there god it wouldn’t happen, our laws would be changed our country would be protected and we the people would not have to worry. We the people would not have to worry about sanctuary cities were illegal Mexicans in Hondurans and everybody else that are criminals that come to this country kill our own people and then the court will not prosecute them with send them back to the countries they came from and five weeks later back here committing the same crime, murder, rape, and robbery. They know that they are free to do whatever they want to do in this country because the Congress wants them to destroy this country. The Fake news Media keeps this quiet, they don’t want the people to know what is really going on with the Illegal Aliens.

If anybody with any brains ever read the Cloward/Piven papers and how to overload the system and destroy his country they should read it. They should also read the communist a new communist manifesto on how to destroy a country and this is what our Congress is doing. They hate the United States they love all foreign countries. They hate the white people in this country.

What we should do and what Pres. Trump I think is doing cut off the aliens and billions of free dollars that we give to Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Pan-American. These countries do not want to control there people they want them to leave their country and come here. Our Congress, refuse to fight for our country, they refuse to keep our country Free, they want to destroy our country.

These are enemies, our own senators and congressmen. All our past presidents have been enemies in this country never looking out for this country. Always looking to help your and anybody else with our money. What are they care. Their safe. They’re free to send our soldiers overseas to die for nothing get mangled for nothing. Why won’t they stop it, they don’t want to stop they wanted it otherwise they would stop it. That’s the same thing with the invasion of all the illegals coming from Mexico they want it otherwise they would have stopped it.

Pres. Trump stands alone trying to save our country. Our politicians will not help. But we the people are 120% in back of Pres. Trump in everything he does to save our country. And if there has to be a Civil War to save our country we the people will go to war against our senators and congressmen and bureaucracy that are destroying our country. Plus the deep state!