Proof that people need to carry a gun if they live in the USA…


Proof that every citizen of the United States of America over the age of 21 should own and carry a concealed weapon. 11 people were murdered in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania at a synagogue. Why? Because that demo-rap party wants this to happen all the time. Ever since Obama was elected president and his Demo-rats and deep state have taken over and run the government we have assassinations of many people and all soft targets. All caused by Obama teh Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party.

The demo rats love the criminals, illegal aliens, crime, chaos, they thrive on that because  they want it to happen. Even though they come up with the hypocritical rhetoric that they don’t want guns in the country because it hurts too many people. Guns don’t hurt people, the person behind the gun hurts the people,  get rid of the people not the gun. A gun doesn’t have a brain it doesn’t just get up by itself and shoot somebody there’s a killer in back in it get rid of the killers but that’s too easy for the demo rats they medically committed gun.. Killers and criminals and illegal aliens, Negros are their  base voters. To vote for okaying chaos, murder, crying, and you name every crime and every horrible crimes, it is the Demo-rats push it all. And we the people have to live with this? That is why every Citizen, and you have to prove your a citizen should own and carry a gun legally in ever state of the Union.  having a gun also stops criminals when they know they be the opens who get shot and die.

I remember in Chicago on the corner of  Damon and Chicago Avenue a Puerto Rican gang of about four or five killers were shooting at this one guy in the in the parking lot of our hamburger joint. When the guy pulled out his gun and fired back the coward Puerto Rican gang ran away, cowards that they are, when they outnumber the victim, They only  attack people, that are old and people  that can’t shoot them back. All the gangs I like that, MS 13 gangs, Muslim killers, black gangs, Mexican gangs. They are all cowards when you can fight back. And the only time you can fight back is when you can own and carry a concealed weapon for your personal use and to protect your family. The police can never come and save they can only come after the fact never before in fact, remember that. You and you alone can save your life, your family’s life, and people that are attacked, soft targets, like schools, churches, synagogues, grocery stores you name it as long as you have a gun you can protect yourself and everybody around you against the criminal. And their all t out there.. Especially in cities like Chicago, New York, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Boston,. You name it the gangs are there ready to kill you one site if they get a chance..

But all the Demo-rats have guards 24 seven that carry super automatic pistol. So they are always protected. And we the people are stuck out in the limb all by ourselves because the Demo-rats keep passing laws to protect not only the illegal aliens who commit heinous crimes in this country, but the criminals of this country. The demo- rats do not protect we the people.

We the people are living in extremely bad times worse than out West in the 19th century. Everyone should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. Not only to protect themselves from these psychopath killers who pick on soft targets, who are found by the demo -rats and put in the street to do murder. The police can’t stop it, the FBI can’t stop it, even though they may have read something in social media written by the murderer they still don’t act.

It is up to you, to be able to protect yourself. Buy a gun, carry the gun get a concealed license carry a protect yourself and your family. Look,  when I go to church, when I go anywhere, I carry a colt 45 semi auto. to protect myself my wife and people around me if there’s a problem with a psychopath trying to kill everybody.

Remember this is all caused by our enemy the demo-rat party socialist/ communist rats that run this country. Will they want this to happen, yes, they want to take away to Second Amendment they want to disarm the public so that they can turn loose their killers on the populace of the United States of America. The only thing that keeps us free and alive is our right to buy a gun carry a gun and use that gun the save our lives and our families lives if you go to soft targets like church, dance a party, walking down the street Especially if you are an old person the criminals will attack you in a second because youth they think that you can’t fight back,  your a soft target. Always carry a concealed weapon with you and be ready to use it when a killer comes to take your life.

The demo rats approve of these assassination to try and take away the Second Amendment. They are the true enemy of our country, they are the enemy of mankind, freedom the Constitution the Bill of Rights and everything that we know about ourselves and our country. A vote for a demo- rat is a vote for communist socialist Nazi demo -rat party that will destroy the civilization in this world and our country. They are the ones that are pushing for illegal aliens invasion to come to this country and don’t care about we the people, they care about their thoughts about how to turn this country into a third world shit-hole .

They do not care what the people want that elected them to their offices. They have their own agenda and that agenda is to destroy the United States of America. Illegal aliens who have carte blanche to commit crimes never go to jail, and to mix the white race with the black race and the Brown race so there will be no competition for them because all the white people gone. That is what the stake at this election. In the elite white Democrats from the Nazi communist socialist party who will be all white or mulatto except we people. Only they and their children will ever rule the world will all be gone as slaves. We the people are the government not the people we voted for that want to destroy our country who we trusted to protect our country who are now destroying our country right before our eyes. We must stop them at the polls in November or we should have a Civil War. Pres. Trump is the only president in the history of the United States to bring this country back from the Ibis.President Harding during the twenties Was helping the people make money. The people were making a lot of money a lot inventions came out when he was president like air-conditioning in theaters and many other thing. But he didn’t last too long I think was only about two and half years in the government killed because the people were making too much money in the government does never want the people to make any money. Then Coolidge came along and the government caused the crash of 29. The people were getting to wealthy and living to good to depend on Government to take care of them. Dad is a joke because the government can even take care of itself 500 people are destroying this country and 300 million of us are letting this happen to our country. I can’t believe.