: Police Officer, a Legal Immigrant, Was Killed by an Illegal Alien

These illegal aliens from Mexico Honduras El Salvador you name it were a combination comes through our friend? Mexico, in the Mexicans helpful get to the border of the United States of America. While and we give all these countries billions and billions of dollars so he can send their bust out citizens who are mostly criminals that belong in an insane asylums. They can’t read or write their own language they have no skills outside of being a mooch in their own countries, only come in here to help the Democratic Party destroy our country which was their plan from the very beginning when Obama took over and for eight years and destroyed our country with the help of the Demo-rats and Republicans because Obama made sure they got all the Trillions of dollars that Obama sold us out to, too China. That is why he did what he wanted Obama made sure that these Traitors got all the money they could take with out paying taxes. Making them all super rich.
Now the Democrats are back in charge in a couple weeks and you watch Nancy Pelosi the Tax Queen pig of the Democratic Party try to destroy our country again. She will try to destroy Pres. Trump, she will try to destroy our country our sovereignty our nation our freedom our Constitution by bringing in all these illegal aliens as long as they are not white, their welcome in this country to help the Democratic Party destroy our country.
When are  people of the United States of America going to wake up and find out that these politicians not only hate United States to hate t every white person that’s in the United States and that’s us. They’re willing to throw this country down in the toilet  for illegal Mexicans, Muslims and anyone else was illegal as long as they are not white to come into this country. And we’re going to stand by and will let this happen to us? The white people didn’t help at the poles by voting the way Pres. Trump asked them, even begged them to  vote for Republicans, he needed that because  he can have a chance to save our nation. But that didn’t happen they now you and I have a huge fight on our hands that may never end.

To save our country to save our freedom it’s not happening at the ballot box the way it’s supposed to, because the Democrats are allowing all the illegal aliens to vote in our elections and destroy our country and no one is stopping not the DOJ,  not anybody their letting the Democrats do whatever they wanted to destroy our country using illegal alien. Remember what Joe Biden said the white people are now the minority of this country and is extremely happy about that. How about that, the vice president of the United States, a white guy happy that the white people are no longer in charge only the people that are nonwhite are in charge now. So you don’t need affirmative action anymore, We do.

Most of the illegal aliens are criminals and killers and now that they can get away with their crimes that they commit in this country because the Democratic Party allows it to happen with the help of the traitor Republicans. They don’t go to jail. To be tried for murder they get a slap on the wrist and are sent back in two months later they come back in ready to kill somebody else they know they can get away with any crime they committed in this country because the Democrats want them in this country to commit crimes, to cause chaos and to destroy our country. Thank you Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Party



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Truth: Police Officer, a Legal Immigrant, Was Killed by an Illegal Alien
December 28, 2018 – 35 Comments.

The plight of illegal immigration in America is well-documented. Unfortunately, Townhall recently discovered that yet another life has been taken because of an illegal alien within the United States. This time, the casualty is a police officer, who also happened to be a legal immigrant.
Everything You Need to Know
On Wednesday, 33-year-old Ronil Singh, a Newman police officer lost his life after an illegal immigrant shot him multiple times in Northern California. At this time, the alien is still at large and highly sought after by law enforcement.

Singh’s death comes after lawfully emigrating to America; his death also leaves his wife without a husband and his five-month-old son without a father. Singh’s dream when coming to the United States was to serve as a member of law enforcement.
Randy Richardson, the Newman police chief, provided the following public statement regarding Singh’s death:
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“This is not a big department. This is a department of 12. This is a man that i saw everyday he worked. This is a man I relieved on Christmas day so he could go home and spend time with his family and newborn child. He was truly just a human being and an American patriot. Ron was not born in America. Ron was born in Fiji. He came to this country with one purpose and that was to serve this country.”
Richardson also noted that Singh was one of the first individuals which he hired into his department before explaining why:
“When I sat with him in the chief’s interview, he told me he came to America to become a police officer. That’s all he wanted to do.”
In Closing
It’s very unfortunate that yet another life has been lost at the hands of an illegal alien. However, the loss of Singh’s life goes to show why illegal immigration cannot be tolerated any longer. This is why it’s so important to take strong measures to build the border wall and crack down on individuals who attempt to circumvent the immigration laws of the United States of America.
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What are your thoughts on the latest casualty of illegal immigration? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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