What is socialism, socialism is thought up by pseudo-intellectual people who think they know better than anybody else. Socialism is not thought up by the people who have to work for a living. Socialism is for the rich, only so that they can make slaves of the rest to the people. People like you and me. That is why our Democratic Party and half of the Republicans or even more of the Republicans want to destroy the sovereignty of our nation, with the invasion of Muslims and illegal aliens, they are not immigrants, they are a legal aliens trying to crash into this country that means that they are criminals.. Now if this keeps happening and it’s going to happen our country will be destroyed because of two professors back in the 60’s one was Cloward/Piven wrote a paper explaining exactly how to destroy the United States of America and the 60’s people are now in power and they still want to destroy the United States of America and everything we stand for, and we the people, they want to destroy us to.

So it took Obama eight years to make sure Trojan horses were put into this country to destroy us from within, In a short amount of time. No Muslim works they all have four wives say are making babies 8 to 1 according to the latest polls none of them worked there all tribes. And they get subsidized by the government the United States of America which is we the people who pay our taxes to support these people who are here to overthrow our government destroy our Constitution and instill sharia law. Now the other invasion that Obama started. If you remember Michelle Obama saying over national television when she was in Kenya  Africa that hes said  her husband only needs four more years and we will destroy the United States of America.

Well they got the four more years and they have started to destroy our country. And it’s all with the invasion of illegal aliens from Mexico Honduras El Salvador and you could name a few other those countries south of Mexico that are creating several thousands of people Caravan of aliens to come this country and walk right in, and get all the free money free healthcare free education which they really don’t want because they don’t want to become Americans they want us to become illegal Mexicans who only speaks Spanish.

Who are the biggest criminals that have the biggest gains in the United States of America? All the Latinos, Cubans Puerto Ricans, illegal Mexicans, Hondurans, and so on. The next biggest bunch of gangs and criminals are the Negros. And what is this all going to bring about, this is for the Democratic Party run by Nancy Pelosi now taking the place of Obama and that socialist Sen. from New York, what else I hate to say it, are all Jews socialists, Sen. Chuck Schumer. Chuck Schumer is not the head of the Senate, Mitch McConnell is the head of the Senate, but gave full control of the Senate to a Democrat Chuck Schumer ,Chuck Schumer runs the Senate and Nancy Pelosi will run the Democratic Party. They will follow the Obama doctrine to destroy the United States of America destroy our sovereignty bring in socialism destroy the people of the United States of America, it will be like Soylent Green.

So what is the government doing? The government is helping illegal aliens get into this country, we support them with our tax dollars in other words the people of the United States that work hard for living are helping our government destroy our country take away our sovereignty with our money. Anyone who isn’t white gets tons and tons of money from our government. These people have no concept of what the United States is, They only want their handout all they want is the money and the free stuff and destroy  this country and that’s all sponsored by our Congressman the Democratic Party in the lead and our senators both Republican and Democrats following Chuck Schumer and the Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer super-rich. They stole enough money between them to last for the next 500 years. And another goof was always talking about free education Sen. Bernie Sanders, who took over the the Communist Party of 87 Congressman who Nancy Pelosi was the head of before she became speaker the house.  A real thief, as speaker the house if you remember Nancy Pelosi was given her own airplane that we paid for, that she flew her family and friends around the world visiting the pope visiting here and there, visiting their plane full of her family. Her bar bill was over $280,000 a year of our tax dollars, her flower bill was over hundred and $180,000 of our tax money. That’s not counting all the trips she made back and forth to California and taken her family on trips overseas and living the high life, the best buying the best of everything was all our money not her money and that she was stealing more money on the side by selling us out to different countries just like all the rest of. Sure their super-rich and we the people are going to be super poor because  they want socialism so that they can be in complete of the people of the United States.
So what is socialism? The complete control over the minds and bodies of the people of the United States of America where there are only two classes, one that is rich in one that is poor and the poor are going to be us.

Socialism is run by a regional government, just like Obama care Obama killer care where they will decide who’s going to live and who is going to die by looking through a book that will have all the rules of socialism. If you are over a certain age that they deem you don’t contribute no more to whatever they want out of you  but what they want is for you die. If your child between birth and 10 years old and gets super sick and you’re going to die they won’t treat you because you’re not worth it, your only 10 years old you can contribute to society you die. It is not their  family what do they care their safe. But we the people will never be safe from this tyrant government that is now in control of us in our country. The only guy in the 20th and 21st century who has  ever worked for to save this country, is president Donald Trump. And he stands alone because he cannot get the help or cooperation from the god damn Republican party. So we people better wake up start thinking about a Civil War, march on Washington armed and take over our own government before our government destroys us. That is what Nancy Pelosi, in the lead along with Chuck Schumer every Democrat and three quarters of the Republican Party that run this country that are against our president Pres. Trump. That’s want they want our destruction in favor of an all none White Nation. The John F. Kennedy doctrine, mixed race, no White people. And full control of none Whites because they are easy to enslave.

Don’t think so? Look around you.