Pelosi’s in freedom is out!!!

Is that wonderful and good new that Nancy Pelosi is again the speaker the house she can run up a bar bill of $380,000 in flowers of $280,000. And we pay for the now she’s also very happy that the new Democratic Party is no longer the white politicians outnumber the nonwhite politician. Now she’s very happy that the Blacks Latinos and the Moslems now are taking over to Congress in our democracy. But I have news for were not a democracy we are Republic.

So the Democratic Party is very successful in bringing in more nonwhite politicians like all Latinos and the Muslims that are are, Jew haters, and want to kill the Jews maybe they can pass a law fo the Muslims that they could actually go out and kill Christians and Jews and it’ll be okay just like Obama had a law passed where this year alone in the United States he murdered 40 million unborn babies and partially born baby. And then they sold body parts. Nice country we live in. Where Obama and the Democratic Party legalized murder. Instead of practicing safe sex don’t worry about school have an abortion  they  get five to $10,000 a pop there making money hand over fist and in Georgia who runs all the all the abortion clinics in Georgia or written his wife they have a lock on Atlanta. But we  can’t considered them  black because their Mulatto.

Now the Muslims are going to push first for sharia law, the Latinos are going to push for Spanish is the language of this country even though they might of been born here they are not loyal to the United States there loyal to the Latino countries they come from. And the Blacks all  they’re going to be interested in is what they can do for the black population. None of these people will work for the entire nation of the United States of America they will work against Pres. Trump they will work against the white people of this country they will work against the Jews of this country and they will also work against the white Christians. They will be making of laws that will help them get away with crimes,murder. The Muslims all they want to do is drag you out in the street and chop your head off right away, nice and this is caused by nobody but the Bush family bringing in all the Muslim, Obama with the invasion of all Muslims good bad or indifferent, and the invasion of all illegal Latinos, illegal aliens, and the Democratic Party helped them all way in. I didn’t see the Republican Party lift one finger to stop this guy from doing anything. I don’t see the Republican s are going to lift one finger to stop Hatch Face Nancy Pelosi. Her daughter said she was going to chop off Trump’s head.

But they’re doing everything they can to to stop Pres. Trump from doing anything to make this country great, bringing back jobs, cutting taxes, building a wall, to keep the illegal aliens out, there not immigrants now, you have to remember they are  illegal aliens. . And I don’t know why the fake news media and the government start calling them immigrants they’re not immigrating here they’re breaking in here like they’re breaking into a store trying to steal all the candy money out. They  can get away with murder, they actually get away with murder, the Democratic Party will not  let these guys go to trial if they go to trial they find them innocent. They get a slap on the wrist they get sent back to what ever  Latin American country they come from in a couple months, later to come back and commit the same crime again and it’s free everything in the United States from this free the people that work their asses off, gotta pay through the nose for everything. And we get nothing in return but the bill that the rotten politicians have made for us.. So now that you see the makeup of the Democrat party that’s going to be making laws maybe we should  start oiling up our rifles and pistols and getting ready to hold off the savages when they make laws that they could commit any crime they want , against the white people and Jews. Because with Muslims being elected now who knows if these people are actually citizens in the United States one of them came here from  Palestine  who knows her she’s a citizen nobody wants to bother to find out they just want Muslims in congress and they went Latinos in congress and they want Negroes in congress citizens as long as they’re not white.

We  have a lot to look forward to. Remember no matter where you live, never leave your house without a pistol in your pocket. To protect yourself and your wife and your family and even innocent people who can’t defend himself.

Oh, before I forget the first thing on Nancy Pelosi’s in the Democrats list is to get rid of the second amendment this way if we’re unarmed Nancy Pelosi can continue the work that Obama started and Hillary Clinton was supposed do it , now it’s up to Pelosi to stab us in the back and destroy our country. Where is Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party backing Pres. Trump all the way. McConnell gave the Senate Republicans  to Chuck Schumer the Democrat, he does more talking against the Republicans and Trump then anybody,  Mitch McConnell says nothing and will not defend us or our President.. To me Schumer runs the senate. Because I never see Republican Stick up for President Trump, Pres. Trump fights these rats all alone, only we the people will back Trump up.