Nancy Pelosi and the Demo-rat Party to start killing school kids

Now that Nancy Pelosi and Schumer and the Demo-rat Party are in charge, watch the killings and massacres of children in schools and other soft targets star being murdered in cold blood. The Obama and Demo-rat Parties Doctrine of how to get rid of the second Amendment. It is now Nancy Pelosi to follow Hillary Clinton and Obama Plans to rid of our guns.

Nancy Pelosi does not have the power that our President has. She was with Obama with her face in his crouch for her three week vacation in Hawaii and Obama gave her, her instructions. Make stupid and ridicules statements and say everything nasty against Trump that your writers can think up.

Nancy Pelosi is (she Mexican) will do everything she can to do Obama and Hillary Clinton’s bidding.

Pelosi is flying around on our tax dollars and we pay for everything she does. That should stop.