Call for a State of emergency!!!



Pres. Trump should call for a state of emergency because Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and a Democratic Party are never going to support Pres. Trump under any circumstances whether it’s right or wrong. And I would just love to see more Republicans stick up for Pres. Trump then Lindsey Graham the only guy who has any kind of guts to stand up for the president.


Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who took  over the Congress and the Senate, who runs the Senate and the Republicans in the Senate will never ever work with Pres. Trump the president of we the people who we people voted for. They are the scum of the earth, they are Obama’s idiots, Nancy Pelosi was called Gorbachev’s useful idiot by Gorbachev. When she was the head of the young Communist Party of 87 Congressman. The Progressive Democrat Caucus, who take their orders directly from Russia. You can look up on the Internet and they will give you the names of all these Traitor Demo-rats.

These are some of the remarks from a book called shadow world written by Robert Chandler, every one should buy and read this book Chandler tells you what is really going on to destroy our country by our Demo-rat and Republican congressmen and Senators. Here Chandler says, the puppets of the Democratic Party behind the captive audience served to mislead and manipulate the perceptions of the objects and events. Today we call such activities propaganda dis- information, whose purpose is to deny  the truth. And this is also for the Democrat party and have a Republic Marxists or President (Obama) of progressive – socialist – Marxists in ideology solidarity with Russia are centered on tearing down what they call corporate America and Islamic Muslims are poised to crush what they see as the privily of the United States culture and enforce a status of Islam before America’s toxic provision can infect Muslim society.

By and large, one can expect to find these enablers in the dark shadows of the world. Examples of leading members are the Washington DC based the revolutionary centers the Institute of policy studies the so-called think tank of the left as well is the co-op mainstream media and politicians making up the Congressional progressive Caucus, that was led by Nancy Pelosi until she was elected speaker of the house, the first time and then handed over to another communist/socialist super rich politician Sen. Bernie Sanders who now runs the Congressional progressive Caucus and shadow party inside the Democrat party that has been seized by George Soros and the 60 radicals, mostly Democrats.


Now Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are Obama’s useful idiots because they refuse to help the United States of America or the people of United States of America and stop illegal aliens from breaking into this country. The Democratic Party run by Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and Obama, George Soros, want this to happen to destroy the United States of America completely overload the system destroy the economy, bring in people and have all kind of diseases,ignorant and their children are sick with polio, bring back diseases that we had conquered in this country. This shows you that they hate, the people of United States that were born here, especially the white population that’s why the Democrats led by Obama in that drunken pig Joe Biden were so happy when he said the white people no longer are the minority in this country. Because they started the war with us with the invasion of every illegal alien from Mexico and South America, and Muslim invasion of every illegal alien that is not white to come into this country. Nancy Pelosi bragging that this Democratic Party now has mostly Latinos, Blacks, and the minority of Congressman are white.


Now even though these so-called Latinos, Blacks, and a few Muslims, will never work for the whole of United States of America. The Latinos even though they’re born in this country do not consider the United States of America their country they consider it a Latino country where they came from Puerto Rico Mexico, Al Salvador, Panama  but not here. If they have a college education they’ve been taught by the professors of hate to hate the United States of America and try to kill it. The black set is same way they want complete autonomy for everything they do and they will never work for the white people because of the black hatred and social justice that the Blacks want against the white people who actually freed them gave them every opportunity there is in the world. Created a law called affirmative-action where they are chosen above any white person no matter if the white person is qualified or not. The white person has to take an ACT test, but the nonwhite people don’t have to take a test they walk up to the door they walk in they say I’m a minority and you gotta give me a free education. And they don’t even have to show up for class if the teacher wants a failed because they haven’t shown up for class they start hollering racism and the colleges are so weak they just fold up and collapse give the guy or girl a diploma and they never even had a show for class. Isn’t that nice now that these people can get a free education but don’t have to go to school for particular degree  and they’re going to run the country and they’re going to run banks, be doctors, engineers and can’t add 2+ 2 ,  are going to run this country, you gotta be kidding. And the Muslims really hate the United States of America and were sent here by Saudi Arabia to take over the country help destroyed United States of America destroy the Constitution destroyed a Bill of Rights and bring in  Sharia Law. that and all the Latinos will want to change our language from English and everybody has to speak Spanish. And this is what the Democrat party with the help of a lot of the Republican Party and in the leadership of Obama’s useful idiots Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer this is what they want they happen to this country. That is why Obama started the invasion of illegal aliens and Muslims into this country and we are somehow paying these people to come to the United States of America.

If I was the President of the United States of America I would cut off all the money to every Latin American country there is that we fund and we fund them all  billions of dollars Al Salvador gets $300 billion a year from us, to support them, and what they do they send their worst people into this country. It stopped giving the illegal aliens aid and comfort and money that come into this country and give them no jobs and they will not come into this country. Stop giving the Muslims money hand over fist, none of them work, in their buying up whole towns and whole neighborhoods throughout United States of America. With our money with our tax dollars, that the  democratic party government gives these people for free like it’s theirs, is for them going to screw the people of the United States especially the white people because they are no good.. So this is where everything is going. And if the people of the United States of America can’t see this, would that Dr. Gruber said that the people United States were stupid he is right most of the people United States are stupid and should get their heads out of their ass. But  their busy getting drunk and doing dope and they’re not interested in what’s going on. In the colleges, kids don’t have any idea what’s going on because they don’t have to work when they go to work and find out that they’re working for somebody else and not themselves.then what? And if our country is destroyed and there’s open borders in socialism and communism why go to college and get a job anyway that’s only for the elite politicians that are white that’ll run the world the rest of us are just going to be pieces of garbage that get kicked around and made slaves of.


It’s coming to the point where were going to have to have the Civil War to get rid of the Democrats and people that think like them, including some of the Republican which are no better. I haven’t seen any Republicans outside of Lindsey Graham stick up for Donald Trump.