People have always built walls to protect themselves

President Trump is not the first person in the history who wants a wall built to protect us from Illegal Aliens, 90% criminal and looking for a free ride.

In novel the new queen of the world once open borders in which to be worshiped like Obama Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, once this country overloaded with people that don’t work overload our system bankrupt our country, we the people become very poor. The government under Nancy Pelosi following the Obama doctrine of the of the destruction of the United States of America is in place and she would probably have an orgasm when our country collapsed.

But thank God we have Donald Trump the only president in modern day history that ever ever worked for the safety and the people of this country and not even thinking of himself he put our country and we the people first and Nancy Pelosi and the murderers that belong to the Democratic Party one all artists Great American stuff stopped and halted and go back to where we Americans suffer like dogs. The Muslims take over the gang bankers take over and they take away our guns never.

Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer and the murderers that called themselves the Democrat party are all the beasts that rise up from hell to destroy a country. In history whoever destroyed a country? It wasn’t the people it was the greedy traitors that call themselves senators and congressmen and presidents who robbed the country blind who caused an invasion of people that have no business coming in this country because they have no skills and they don’t want to be Americans they want us to be like they are. Illegal Mexicans in and Latinos and Muslims don’t want to be Americans they want us to be like them. All they want is the free money,free housing, free healthcare, thousands of dollars a month. And they could still commit all the crimes they want to commit and never go to jail in this country for murderers for rape for robbery  for anything, you name the crime, illegal aliens and Muslims never go to jail if they do they never get the death sentence.

So even in the Bible in ancient times people build walls to protect themselves from the animals that the murderers that call themselves the Democrat party who want to get into our country and destroy our country in every way they can. Mostly financially. It was written in the 60s  that two professors that hate the United States of America though up how to destroy our country. It’s called the CLOWARD – PIVEN act.

Obama followed this to the letter overload the system kill jobs, kill the economy and destroy our  country. In the 60s, people who want to destroy this country are in charge of everything now, all the governments that run our country are run by people from the 60s who hate the United States of America and want to destroy it.

The Obama Obama destruction of this country and the Democratic Party under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are following the Obama doctrine of how to destroy the United States of America. They don’t care about the citizen of this country, there are only interested in the destruction of this country, they hate our country they hate our Constitution they hate our Bill of Rights they hate our our president they hate everybody that likes our president THEY HATE EVERY WHITE PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES . And any person who likes Pres. Trump.. And I like Trump I think is the best thing that ever happened to the United States of America.

The demo rat party of traitors, along with some of the rats that call themselves Republicans, like Mitt Romney who hates Trump and maneuvered to get into the spot to get into our Senate so that he could work with the Democrats to stop president Trump from doing all president Trump wants to do to save our nation. A first-class turncoat rat rhino.

So my friends soon we will be in a Civil War fighting against our enemy our politicians, the gangs, the Muslims who want to butcher all of us. But the demo-rat party love chaos they love criminal they hate we the people. Nancy Pelosi would like to Tax us out of every dime that we make and laugh at us as she laughs at us  now, while she makes herself rich to become the Queen of the world and her king will be The greatest trader this country has ever seen in its history Barack Hussein Obama. That’s what they want and all the dummies that voted for them in the 2018 election put them in power.

In the 43 no-Trump Republican Congressmen, gave up their seats and walked out so that the Democrats could pick up the 43 seats and take over the country. But I don’t see why  they walked out because they didn’t like president Trump they were working with the Democrats anyway so why walk out on her seats.

Well buy more ammo make sure your guns are in working order because pretty soon were going to have a Civil War. The demo rat party is pushing us to the wall.


This is from one of my best people Sylvia:

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