Free Masons Vs. Religion

A church this morning we were lectured about the Masons and it was claimed by the speaker that the Masons are against the Jesus Christ of all religions and run by believe it or not the devil. I have to disagree with the person that was preaching that because as far as I’m concerned that’s not true. The Masons do a lot of charity work, who do you think the Shriner’s are that have the hospital for children that’s free. The Masons. I think they do a lot of good deeds and I have never heard that the Masons were anti-religion are anti-Semitic.

Now what bothers me is the Notre Dame Jesuits teach at Notre Dame invited Obama to their elite college in Obama is a Jew hater he aged Jesus Christ, he loves the Muslims because he took his oath like the other Muslims on the Koran to serve this country and I believe that if you’re a Muslim you want to swear in the Koran and not the Bible you shouldn’t be elected to our office in this country. This is a Christian country. Well to get back to the Jesuit at Notre Dame they invited Obama to speak to her students in Obama is a killer remember he and the Democrats in the trader Republicans voted the murder unborn babies at 40/ 50,000 babies a year alone, just in this country, and we give millions and millions of dollars to other foreign countries to murder children while they’re still in the womb. No, the Democrats have a new one and this is according to Obama doctrine when the babies born he’s alive he’s out of womb breathing air and the mother says I don’t want him or her, the doctors obligated to murder this child which, like a animal, what is wrong with the people of this country are all nuts.

But the Jesuits did not invite the greatest president of the 20th and 21st century to come and speak at their lousy college when he got elected president, so are the Jesuits all for  climate control open borders , abortions, socialism, and the destruction of the United States of America. Yes They are!.

Now let’s take a look what  Pope Francis did on February 4, 2019 he went to Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates and shook hands with the Muslims, and preached that we should all be peaceful if we believe in God. Pope Francis invited Obama too Rome and he talked to Obama. But he did he mentioned that Obama was a killer and should stop killing in a boarding unborn babies and killing babies that are born, no he talked Obama bought climate change open borders and socialism. The Pope thinks that the United States of America should  have open borders, abortions, climate change, the highest taxes in the world and let anybody into this country that want to come here and we have to support all of them, they are not supposed to have a job, we’re supposed to support them.   The Pope is preaching open borders for this country and we, this country is paying for socialism all over the world whether you believe it or not, we’re paying for socialism to stay alive. Now the Pope had at this meeting with the leaders of Islam, not just him but the Jews were there, Buddhists Sikh, Hindu and other religions. Over half or more these religions don’t believe in Christianity or Jesus Christ. They believe in Buddha, the Moon God the Muslims believe in. And who knows with the rest of these guys believe I could look it up but I don’t want it too much trouble you look it up.

Anyway the Pope is a communist/ socialist who has no idea about anything,  and he should keep his nose out of politics, including sucking up to the Muslims, because if they ever adopt the Muslim religion into the Catholic Church, The Pope will  be to first person the kill, and loot the Vatican and tear it down. Islam is a murder cult that believe in the moon God. And in their religion it says they have to kill  unbelievers infidels, and you. That means 90% of the world. In this country were we aware of electing Muslims, we don’t even know if their citizens in United States of America and when they take vow to uphold our Constitution they take it on the Koran, and they fly a different flag then the American flag. As we see now these Muslims that are in our Congress are fighting against United States of America. Pretty soon they want to  introduce sharia law, forget about our laws, sharia laws when it comes, That’s a law that allows legalized murder of anybody they feel like killing.

I found something really interesting in a book by David Baldacci, that’s called long road to mercy. Page 11 and the next to the last paragraph this person describes a narcissist,

And it fits Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, all the liberal left lefty government officials state government in this what it says it’s true the narcissist could not feel any empathy toward other which meant that the lives of others held no value to narcissists killing could even be like a hit of fentany: instant euphoria the domination and the destruction of another. Isn’t it true, because Obama has no conscience about murdering the Biden has no conscience about murdering the Pelosi for sure has no conscience about murdering babies in the Pope even had her over Rome and he didn’t excommunicate her from the church. He padded around the head and said send more money you can do whatever you want climate change socialism go at it. But this fits them all including a lot of people that are in the news like movie stars and old Hollywood people in general and super rich people like the Clinton’s, the Bush family, Carter, Obama, Kerry, Biden all of them, they have no feeling for life or death,their only interested in themselves. Life is cheap to them because what do they care about anybody but themselves and they don’t care about the United States don’t care about the people they only care about  who we support and hold up socialism and  that part of the world. They hate the United States of America and the white people of the United States of America that’s why they wanted to be a mixed race. Except for the white elite politician, want to rule the world..

The Civil War is coming pretty soon so make sure you got ammo make sure you got your guns ready and make sure to be ready when you get the call to defend our country and our freedom in our Constitution against our enemy the Democratic Party and anybody else who stands in the way of liberty in the United States of America.