Is this the New United States of America?

Like a nation divide Abraham Lincoln said something about a nation divided. And what divides the nation warden anything else is language our country used to be an exclusively speaking English language. If you spoke a foreign language spoken at home nobody when out a way to write letters in your language so that you could understand. When you got off at a boat at Ellis Island I don’t care what nationality you were you were compelled to learn how to speak English. In those legal immigrants who got off the ship at Ellis Island from foreign countries like Italy in a no not England but the France were he didn’t speak English, made sure that they spoke English all the time for their children.

Now in my house when I grow up the only time the Italian language was spoken was when my parents didn’t want us to understand what was going on.

Now the United States of America is no longer United is no longer one country and like our traitor demo rats and following Jimmy Carter another trade or to this country his philosophy of turning this country into a world world charity giving countries millions and billions of our tax dollars to try to make them happy in support socialism. Why is France having so much trouble with her socialism, because the United States no longer will give France money to support socialism in that country. Thank God. We should stop giving money to all of the countries in this world and stop giving money to a legal aliens and legal aliens to live in this country especially the Muslim don’t work 80% of the men don’t have a job 70% of the women just a home and have babies and we pay them $1500 a month for every child that they produce and that is why they buy a pole city snow that is white or getting elected into the Congress now. Obama opened the Pandora’s box to kill this country.
I just got a letter from Blue Cross and Blue Shield and on the side page, there is an explanation while this is what it says if you, or someone you are helping, have questions, you have the right to get help and information in your language at no cost to talk to an interpreter, call 855 – 710 – 6984.

No one is required anymore learn how to speak English the language of the United States of America that was voted for the way back in 1776 around their what language we were going to speak and it was English. Again the immigrants from the early 1900s had a learn how to speak English and nobody gave a good ship whether he did or not you learn or you went under.

Now this site pages written in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Navajo, Polish, Spanish,Tagalog,Urdu, and last but not least Vietnamese.

Our company in our politician the enemies of our country our politicians and whoever else pays them big money to destroy our country are destroying our country. We should never have a two language country never never never. Our educational system run by the government is in the toilet because 90% of the young people that are in the workforce to the grocery stores can’t add 2 and 2 nad get 4. Government education lowering the standards for people of color and destroying the minds into thinking process of everybody including the white.

Show these social experiments that this country carries out hurts our country more than helps our country. And we can think our enemy our government, the demo rats and the traitor Republicans who allow this and fassthese as laws.

We the people the white people will have to pay for all these mistakes that are enemy our government has made for us. It was Obama and a demo rat and traitor Republican Party that opened up Pandora’s box and let loose every kind of situation and planted Trojan horses in this country to destroy this country completely. Who was Obama’s sponsor to run for president. David Rockefeller’s Bilderberg Group. In that group are the riches companies in the world and the richest politicians that run our government are also in it. From the Carter’s rule Obama are all in the Bilderberg.

They want to work hand in glove with you when to take over the world and our country and destroy this country well they’re doing a good job. The only guy that is fighting with his life to save our country’s president Donald Trump. To bring us back from the brink of disaster caused by all the presidents before him.

Thank God for Donald Trump and I hope that he saves our country because our enemy our politicians and other nonpolitical organization with tons of money are destroying our country. George Soros is helping destroy our country with our own money that we give him this for his cause to destroy and take over other countries and destroy our country what brains we had what there must be a big payoff to the politicians that gives Soros’s money is kickback must be enormous.