Kim Jong Un


This is my opinion when Pres. Trump was trying to deal with North Korea Emperor KimJong Un. When it came to prove a crucial part of the talks were president Trump was trying to tell this goof that if he does away with his nuclear weapons and quit threatening to blow the world he can make a lot of money for his country and his people. But the spoiled brat, refused any deal and he gave president Trump some stupid answer I’ll give you one nuclear weapon you take off all the all the sanctions you have against us. That is why Pres. Trump got up and walked out a day ahead of time and came back to the United States. Because he realized he was dealing with some stupid immature child that has no business running a country or anything else.

President Trump in my opinion then realized that he was talking to an immature goof that’s running a country, but as you really or is his generals in back of him who are running the country. For sure UN is not really in charge he was like Obama is a front man. He gets away with killing people and doing other things but he’s governed and ruled by someone else because he’s too immature and too stupid to run a country. Especially a communist country the same thing that our demo rat party wants this country to turn into. The real traders to our country is the demo rat party run by Nancy the pig Pelosi, who takes her orders from Russia. Gorbachev called her his useful idiot and she is an idiot believe me. Chuck Schumer another communist useful idiot who McConnell and the fake news media let him take over the Senate as if he was the number one guy in the Senate not McConnell. Because McConnell is a wimp has no guts and he cooperates fully with the demo rat party.

All the Democrats, that are running for president in 2020, all think that murdering unborn babies and live babies that are just born is just fine and being the and they made that a law that murder is okay by law. Again where is the Pope the communist who is  worried about our borders being open for every body,  climate change, political stuff that he shouldn’t have his nose in. Where is he to excommunicate Nancy Pelosi, who really doesn’t believe in God or the church, she believes in murder, crime, and the destruction of the United States of America and the destruction of president Donald Trump.

As a people of a free nation we should stop sitting on our hands and start protesting what the demo rat’s are doing to our country. We are not murderers of unborn babies our enemy our government is and who brought that about, a Negro homosexual called Barack Hussein Obama. A narcissistic killer of unborn babies and born babies who has no feelings for any kind of the crimes and murders that he has caused. He has killed more babies murder by law, then the worst dictators in the world history. He is the number one killer of life, of freedom, of our country,. And every demo rat is following the Obama doctrine.

If we are God-fearing nation, our politicians are not. One of the 10 Commandments is thou shalt not kill. There is nothing in our Constitution that says that there is a law that should be made to murder unborn babies, and babies that are just born. And our country shouldn’t give money to other countries to murder unborn babies and babies that are just born.