Nancy Pelosi doesn’t Pay taxes

Why are Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and some Republican senators and congressmen, and all the demo rat’s want to see presidents trumps tax and financial record. There is nothing in the Constitution that says that any president has to show the Congress or anybody else his taxes and his financial record. No other president has ever done that, I’d like to see what Obama’s finances and financial records and everything else and how he laundered money with his best friend the best money launderer in the world who worked directly for China Tim Geithner. Oh and healed about $5 million in back taxes to the government and never paid. But that was okay Obama give them a pass. Next Obama is a demo rent a traitor to the country like all Democrats. Obama is a Russian agent, not Pres. Trump. Nancy Pelosi is a Russian agent, Chuck Schumer is a Russian agent. The Clinton’s are Russian agents. Joe Biden and his family are Russian agents. They colluded with the enemy they gave the enemy information and our our secrets to Russia for big money. Hillary Clinton and Obama sold 20% of our uranium  mines to Russia. For the tune of $145 million that the public knows of. But in reality I think it was 10 times that amount of money that Hillary Clinton and Obama split for themselves.

But if that is going to happen, I want to see where Nancy Pelosi got all her billions of dollars and how much tax does she pay. Like most of the super rich senators and congressmen ex-presidents vice president they pay no tax. And they steal money through the government hand over fist, while stabbing the American public in the back. I want to see were Maxine Waters got all her money to buy a $4 million home in Brentwood California. I want to see what Chuck Schumer got all his money from, I want to see where the other thief as big as life, Diane Feinstein and her family got there billions of dollars. They got them from government contracts that she procured for her family Insole secrets to Russia and any other enemy that the United States has for money..

These people couldn’t stand against any investigation into their private lives and how they stole money by using their offices to steal this money and not pay taxes. Where’s Joe Biden with all his millions of dollars, he and Karry and their children work for the Russians through his children they are able to get things done when Russia ask for secret from our country, or they want something from our government like money. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have always worked for the Communists in Russia throughout their whole careers as president and she is secretary of the state worked hand in glove with the Russians and colluded with the Russians how to steal property from the United States of America and also she had the help of our great piece of garbage president Obama who had his fingers dipped in everything and had his money in his hands off of everything. I’d like to see his tax report and his financial statements how he made all his money. He like all the rest of these traitor politicians sold us out to the highest bidder.

President Trump should not have to show all any of these thieves anything of his private life, taxes in financial statements. There is a Congressman and I forget his name doggone it, he owes $80 million in back taxes for years when they caught up with him when Obama was getting elected president he said he was going to pay it, all of a sudden, it fell into a hole he still owes $80 million in back taxes and is never going to pay. There  is no senator or congressman Democrat or Republican who is a Negro pays any taxes.

But all these rats demand that we pay our taxes so that we can support themselves  and they can give our money to the enemy and let us fall by the wayside, like so much garbage. Now they want to push for socialism so that they could really rule over us.

These people have been in office too long there should be extreme limits to how many times they can get voted into office. They are now tyrants strangling the United States of America, the people of America, trying to destroy our freedom, in favor of all Mexicans and Negroes and anybody who is not white. When will the people of the United States get off at her hands and stand up to these radical traitors that run our country.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to be done at the polls anymore because the Democrats have given to the illegal Mexicans, Hondurans, you name it any Latino that’s illegal into this country a voters card, and if they want money like they give money and brought the Negro back into slavery, they have to vote for the demo rat party no matter what. The new slaves of the demo rat party, not even citizens of the United States yet, and never will be citizens of the United States, they want us to be citizens of Mexico, Honduras you name it but not the United States of America anymore.

President Trump needs his wall to stop all these people, but Sen. Rand Paul is gathering up other traitor senators to stop residential from getting money to protect our borders. Then the national Republican Party wants us to donate money to their party for the Republicans who don’t want to help president Trump make our country free. What support people like Rand Paul and his senator friends that are going against Donald Trump and helping the demo rats destroy our president in our sovereignty. If you want to support president Trump financially, send the money directly to president Trump that’s what I’m going to do. If it wasn’t for president Trump there wouldn’t be no correct Republican Party who was the same thing as the demo rat party. Our enemy our government run by traitors and rats who want to destroy our country.