Bernie Sanders Russian Agent

Bernie Sanders one of the super rich senators in the United States who is a socialist/communist, who takes his orders directly from a Russia, as does his counterpart best friend Nancy Pelosi another Russian agent.

Sanders is promising everybody free this and free that, free education. A huge percentage of the people in the United States as long as you’re not white,  get a free education, you can go to any college you want to go to. And you don’t have to show up for class. And at the end of the time you get a degree in whatever college you signed up to get Doctor,. lawyer, engineer, teacher. And you still can’t read or write.

So Sanders with all his social/communist ideas about everything free it’s here now, so was he talking about, free,  the only people that have to pay for education are not white males, the government hates white males. That’s why no white male can get into any college unless he takes an SAT test, to get into a college, but if there is a minority person that  can’t read or write and talks like he or she still came out of the “hood”, he or she goes first the white kid that had to pass the SAT test and pasted, doesn’t go..

So what is Bernie Sanders, the Russian -controlled communist in the Senate along with Nancy Pelosi, what is he talking about. What is he ever done in the Senate, nothing, absolutely nothing but steal money hand over fist like the rest of them, and his wife stole ten million dollars and got away with it, he is a super rich communist socialist, and that’s what socialism and communism is, for only the rich and the rest of us stay poor and beg like dogs in the street.

So what is there left for the people. If they bring in communism socialism, there will be no need for an education high school, grammar school, or college, because in socialism and communism your a  worker and if you don’t work they can kill you, so where’s all this bull shit about free everything, education for every body free,  there’s nothing free in this world and if you believe Bernie Sanders you better quit smoking dope.

The Demo-rat Party is pushing for a civil war, they are our enemy, and every senator and every Congressman and all the bureaucracies that run this country into the ground are our enemies. They’ll never get our guns, when they come to get your gun, gather up your friends and shoot whoever is coming to get your gun and kill them all. If the Jews in Germany and throughout Europe were able to kill the people that came to drag them from  their houses and kill them there would not have  been a Holocaust.

Save your guns by more ammo and be ready because they’re pushing for Civil War that they might just get. You can’t beat them in the elections anymore because they have that all fixed were all the illegal Mexicans and Hondurans in Pan-American now have voter  card and they can vote in any in any election as long as they vote Demo-rat.

Because most of the regular people to sat on your hands and they won’t do anything, Pres. Trump asked them to vote for the Republicans this last election and asked  the people to vote for Republicans.   They didn’t go to polls and vote the way Pres. Trump asked the people  to vote and now look at the problems we have today. And the Republicans are going right along with the Demo-rats as usual..

Be armed you ready and make sure all your weapons work.