This article is from and I am putting on my blog is from Hinsdale College and it deals with how Congress worked and why it doesn’t. This is taught by Kevin Portteus and Larry P.Arnn.

How would worked and why it doesn’t but forget about the distinction. The paroxysms of rage that greeted Trump were a marvel to behold, in infection was as they were unbounded. One prominent commentator spoke for the multitude when he described Trumps response as a “moral disgrace.”

I didn’t think so, but then I thought that the president was correct when he suggested that the alt-left is just as much a problem as the alt – right. Indeed, if we were needed to compare the Greek the degree of iniquity of the meal – Nazis and the Ku Klux Klanners, on the one hand, and Antifa and its fellow travelers on the other, I am not at all sure which would come out the worst. Real Nazis – the kind that popped up like mushrooms in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s – are scary. But American Neo – Nazis? They are a tiny bunch of pathetic losers. The Ku Klux Klan was a terrorist group with millions of members in its early incarnations. Now it too is a tiny bunch – 5000 or 6000 by most estimates – of important malcontents.

Antifa, on the other hand, has brought its racialist band the violence protest to campuses and demonstrations around the country: smashing heads as well as property. I suspect that paid up, full-time members of the group are few, but the ideology of identity politics that they feed upon is a gruesome gruesome specialty of the higher education establishment today.

I also thought that the president was right to ask where the erasure of the history would end. At Charlottesville it was a statue of Robert E. Lee. But why stop there? Why not the race the entire history of the Confederacy? There are apparently some 1500 monuments and memorials to the Confederacy in public spaces across the United States. According to one study, most of them were commissioned by Southern women, “in the hope of preserving a positive vision of antibellum life”. A nobale aspiration, inasmuch as the country had recently fought a civil war that devastated the south left more than 700,000 Americans dead. These memorials were part of an effort to knit the broken country back together. Obliterating them would also be an attack on the effort of re-conciliation.

And what about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington? They both owned slaves, as did 41 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence. What about them? To listen to many race peddlers these days, you would think they regarded George Orwell’s warning in 1984 as a howl – to – manual’s: every record has been destroyed or falsified”, Orwell wrote,

Every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue in street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered, and that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute stop history has stopped.

(My words, in the Communist manifesto it says destroy tradition what this article is about and instilled into thinking! That’s is what is being taught in schools today to destroy the United States of America! Communist/socialist left wing traitors in our Congress in our education all led by the 60s people that hate America and want to destroy America. In our Congress the leader is Nancy Pelosi Cortez ended two Muslims that have taken over the Democrat party.)

Plato was right when he said that politicians are essentially rhetoricians. Rhetoric succeeds or fails not because of its logic or intellectual substance, but on the question of its emotional appeal. By that standard, I’d say that Donald Trump though often rhetorically effective, missed an important rhetorical opportunity at Charlottesville. He didn’t understand that the politically correct dispensation that rules academia, the media, the demo credit party, in large swaths of the corporate world requires a certain ritual homage to be paid to its reigning pieties about racism in America.

Doubtless there are things to criticize about Donald Trump. But being a a racist isn’t among them. What infuriates his critics – but at the same time affords them so many opportunities to bathe in the gratifying fluid of their putative moral superiority – is that Trump refuses to collude in the destructive refuses to collide in the end is instructive, politically correct charade according to which”racism” is the nearly ubiquitous cardinal sin of white America. He is having none of that, and his refusal to go along with the attempted moral blackmail is driving his critics to a fever pitch. They scream racism but unlike other politicians, Trump refuses to cower whimpering. That he goes against the script infuriates them.

Back in 1965, the Frankfurt school Marxist Herbert Marcuse wrote an essay called “repressive tolerance.” It is a totalitarian classic Marcuse distinguished between two kinds of tolerance. First, there was what he called “bad” or “false” tolerance. This is the sort of tolerance that most of us would call “true” tolerance, the sort of thing your parents taught you and that undergids liberal democracy. Second, there is what Marcuse calls “liberating tolerance,” which he defined as “intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left”

So here we are. The old idea of tolerance was summed up in such chestnuts as,” I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” ( which is Bullshit) the new dispensation is: I disapprove of what you say, therefore you may not say it.

The Marxist – tinged ideology of the 1960s has had a few decades to marinate the beneficiaries of our free – market society, steeping them in the exotic nostrums that masquerade a moral imperative in our college and universities. Today we find the graduates of those institutions manipulating the fundamental levels of political and corporate power.
The moment controversy shows susceptibility of “liberating tolerance”to fanaticism. And it reminds us that in the great battle between the partisans of freedom and the inebriates of virtue, freedom is ultimately negotiable – until it rouses itself to fight back. At stake is nothing less than the survival of our common history.

( I had to look up a few words myself to understand what they meant)