Big Dick Chenny

Big Dick Cheney was complaining to vice president Pence, that he didn’t like the deals that Pres. Trump was making with other countries. Why? I’ll tell you why, in my opinion knowing what crooks and rats of these people are. Cheney wasn’t going to get his money from the new trade deals that President Trump has made through the world and of all the deals that Cheney and Bush made for trade throughout the world because they made trade deals for themselves and not the country of the United States of America. For billions and billions of dollars tax free money hidden in their libraries and their foundation.

None of these money pigs are satisfied with the billions of dollars they made off the government in the first place. Like Dick Cheney’s Halliburton company that Bush hired as mercenary soldiers to help fight the war in the Middle East in Iraq, just like the Clinton’s did, not satisfied with treason making money being agents for China, North Korea and colluding with Russia to steal money for themselves and help other countries and help destroy the United States of America from money. How much money do tthese treasonous rats need to be satisfied. They stole all they could steal from the government and we the people in our taxes and everything else and they’re all covered up and everybody takes care of one another in their crimes against the United States of America. Our ex-presidents vice presidents except for vice president pants in Pres. Trump are all working for another country but never the United States of America and they work for themselves and not the United States of America. These people, Presidents, Vice Presidents our Government our enemy all of them wanted to destroy our country our Constitution our Bill of Rights. They want to take away our God given right to own a gun and protect our selves from our Government, and now the Gangs that our Government sponsors to create chaos and crime our new enemy right here at home, the good old USA. Muslims, being trained in Urban warfare. The 20,000 shotguns that Obama said he bought for the IRS to protect themselves went to all the Muslim training camps throughout the United States of America. Just waiting for the demo rats and tray tour Republicans to destroy the Second Amendment so they can come out in force and we can’t defend ourselves and kill them before they kill us. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Cortez her to Muslim Muslims, Mitch McConnell, everybody that’s against Pres. Trump and we the people.

We are soon going to be thrown into a civil war to save ourselves in our nation because Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer the whole Democrat party and traitor Republicans are forcing we the people to take back our government before they destroy our country turn this into a third or fourth world country that is socialist classed/communist. We are the only country in the world except for China and a couple other countries that believe in the people making money.