People above the law

From the Internet:

Fox News, and I can’t believe that they said this, that Jussie Smollett, was innocent of any charges. In it was true that he was attacked. Fox News said this on February 21 when Smollett was arrested and charged with a crime that he committed himself to himself. So now it looks like if you are television star movie star, black, you are free to commit any crime you want. Just go to Chicago the prosecutor was black and he let him go.

So let’s see who the Democrats believe that they can commit any crimes they want. Illegal Mexicans, MS 13 gang member, wealthy black people, like O.J. Simpson who got away with murdering two people. And the Muslims they are exonerated from all crimes that they commit including murder. Look at the two killers that are living in the life of luxury in prison, the psychiatric psychiatrist Muslim who murdered 13 soldiers that were unarmed to bad the copper that was there to kill him. It’d save us a couple hundred thousand dollars year keeping this guy alive in the government is still paying his salary as a major in the US Army how about that one. Then there’s the Boston bar more he and his brother killed a few people mangled a bunch of people and the poor little boys get pat on the head crying his eyes always in prison and you don’t want to be there. They should’ve gave him the death sentence just like that major should’ve got the death sentence but because their Muslims they get a pat on the wrist. So let’s look at the races that are our causing all the trouble right all the Latinos, all the Blacks, all the Muslim, and they get off Scott free for the crimes that they commit. Thank you the demo rat party who sponsors criminal, socialism/communism and hate white people like you can’t believe. Oh wait I forgot the Jews Nancy Pelosi number two Jew hater in the world, along with number one Jew hater in the world, Barack Hussein Obama. And the two Muslims that are raw getting money to support Muslim terrorists to destroy Israel. To Muslim congresswomen and nobody stop a go-ahead gather up all the money you want to kill anybody you want it’s okay you’re a Muslim. Especially if it’s a Jew and you could kill all the Christian. Sometime soon we the people better get off our debt addresses and do something about these socialist communist Democrats who are destroying our country and bringing in crime that they condone. The only guy stands alone to save us in our country is president Donald Trump.

Again we all have to be like the Minutemen men old. Be ready with your guns have plenty ammo and be ready to march when push comes to shove. We can win while they’re still weak but if we let the government get strong we may not be able to win.

Who caused all this our enemy the only enemy in the world that white America has is the demo rat government and tratior Republicans, like McConnell, Romney, and Mr. stupid himself Rubio.