Way are Gas Prices and other products going sky high

We all wonder why gas prices and food prices and other prices for other things are going up. It’s because someone, naturally our enemy our congressmen and senators on both sides of the aisle, had the Federal Reserve the devalue our dollar again. As our dollar devalues it requires more paper money to pay for things. So what happens, gas prices going sky high in some cases almost 4 dollars a gallon again just like in the Obama era. And now we wonder what’s going on. Didn’t Obama have our money devalued from number one in the world to back down to number two the fake news media tells us but I think it’s down to almost 3. The greatest traitor who had, in the history of the United States of America, with the help of both parties demo rat socialist communists and Republicans like Mitt Romney. I used Romney because he’s a rat and if he was in the Congress, at that time, them he would and did the same thing, he blew the election gave it to Obama because he was told to by the Bildebegs run by and created by David Rockefeller to pick and choose who is going to be president senators and congressmen. The super rich Rockefeller family want me wanting to rule the world.

our enemy the enemy of the people of the United States of America for all time is our own government who care more for other countries and the UN and nonwhite people, and Muslims, very important to them to destroy our country. Who gets $1400 a week with one child. They have four wives and those wives get over $1400 a week for their children because there’s no husband. They are birthing babies 8/1 over everyone in the USA. And we tax payers pay for all of them.

The demo rats still run by Obama, his servant and extremely useful idiot, Nancy Pelosi queen of the progressive socialist communists demo rats and traitor Republicans in our government along with Chuck Schumer another socialist communist and all the rest of them who are really socialist and communist. They cannot stand to see we the people with any extra money in our pockets, especially the white people. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer under Obama’s instructions cannot raise taxes right now because of Pres. Trump is trying to save us. But what they can do to stab us in the back especially the white people and take our money from us is have our dollar devalued by the Federal Reserve. Which they have done and are doing and that’s why prices are skyrocketing and it’s costing us more money out of our pockets for gasoline into live again like human beings. Our money is not backed up by gold or silver anymore. As I see it our money’s the backed up by nothing but a lick and a promise

Our government, are enemy, our senators and congressmen, socialist communist like Bernie Sanders and the rest of them cannot stand that we have any money. The only people they want have money are, other countries, the UN and anyone in this country legal or illegal who is nonwhite. They caused the invasion of the Muslims, they caused the invasions of all the Latinos and Mexicans south of the border to come to this country to overload the system and destroy us. Now with more help from the Federal Reserve t devaluing our dollar causing prices to go sky high which will destroy our economy and they will blame Pres. Trump, who is innocent. Who let us have more money in the last two years in our pockets than we’ve had in the last 20 years with the demo rats running our government and the Republicans hand-in-hand with the Democrats screwing we the people out of our money. So that they can give it away like we are a charity to anybody they want but never never never take care of the white people in the United States of America, that made this country.

There are people that are making money off of the oil on the stock market. If you remember. Obama and are enemy all our congressmen and senators, his people, in the white house to bureaucracies they destroyed, on purpose, gas and coal industry Obama and his crew drove the stock market prices down on all of this fossil fuel, knowing that the stock market price would go back up, Obama and all the senators and congressmen and everybody else who was with Obama bought up all the oil and coal stock for pennies on the dollar. Now by devaluing our dollar more gas prices are going through the roof. Obama and his people are picking up millions and millions of dollars every day from their investment in inside trading on oil stock and coal stock.

The federal government are always manipulating everything for their good and for nonwhite people and Muslims of this country and other Third World countries for their own good, but never for our good, they are destroying our country. We made China great we are going to make North Korea great we made South Korea great we are going to make Vietnam great in the meantime are enemy our government is going to destroy the United States of America and make us a third world country. We the people, especially the white people, will be destroyed, Islam, gangs of all genders will wander the streets committing crime after crime after crime with a pat on the back from our enemy our government who wants chaos crime and everything that goes with it to destroy everybody in this country except those they choose to live which is not the white population.

Then the scumbags who can support, I don’t know how many families, for the next 300 years from the money they’ve stolen and how they sold us out to other countries and became super super rich, billionaires, but can’t stand to see you and me have an extra five dollars in our pocket to spend on something we would like that we can afford to buy. That’s why the Federal Reserve devalued our dollar to satisfy the traitor Democrats and Republicans who are the same. They want the same thing, the only difference is the name. You think Mitch O’Connell’s a good guy working with Pres. Trump for we the people forget about it, Mitch O’Connell’s working for Mitch O’Connell, against the people and working for China for his wife, they get $25 million a month from his wife’s company or families company that does all the shipping for communist China and all the rest of those countries.

In this article I read the United States in the last 10 years or more the USA has not built a new or any oil refinery, anywhere, has not dug for oil anywhere and has not replaced the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. So what does that tell you, who’s in charge, still in the shadow government, Obama, the scum of the earth along with his girlfriend Hillary Clinton another piece of scum, Nancy Pelosi ,Chuck Schumer and every demo rat that is in the United States of America along with three quarters of all the Republicans who will work for and with the demo rats to destroy the United States of America.

Presidents Trump stands alone, none of these people will work with him or even try to understand what is trying to do for our country because they’re not interested. what Pres. Trump is trying to do for our country, there interested in how much money or how much more money they can steal from our country while making us poor and making themselves more rich.

People of the United States of America when are you going to wake up and smell the coffee, you say there’s nothing we can do about what is going on against us, well have you tried to do anything about it, have you tried to step up to the plate write a letter wright all the letters you possibly can to every rotten senator and congressmen that we have in Washington and tell them what we want? I don’t think so. Most everybody has their head in the sand, their afraid to even look up and watch the news because they can’t take it, it’s so bad because they see what the demo rats are doing to do to our country and they feel helpless but why do they feel helpless? Because the fake news media is making them helpless with propaganda with pounding the same thing day in day out 24 seven and the people just give up because they are weak in the mind. They don’t want to hear the truth, they turn away from everything, the think everything is going to be okay. no it’s not. Some day we are going to have to go and have a Civil War to be free and make America great again, which is really sad,but it’s caused by the tyrants that want to destroy our country. it is all our ex-presidents and all our senators and congressmen, along with the bureaucracies that are controlled by the communist unions, and the UN which we should never be in in the first place.