People own guns, people have freedom

Are forefathers who wrote our Constitution, and the Second Amendment, and wrote it so we the citizens of the United States of America can defend ourselves against our federal government, that is run by traders in tyrants. Our enemy.

Venezuela, who was convinced to go socialist because it was going to be so great, had their guns taken away from them immediately. Venezuela proved that socialism sucks, because it’s only for the rich and powerful. They were doing great before they went to socialism, that was before very wealthy country. But it looks like the people were extremely stupid to believe that their government would take care of them and they would have all the nice stuff they wouldn’t have to work for anything and everything would be handed to them and they can stand in the corner are wherever and do whatever they want. Everything free, just like Bernie the communist Sanders is preaching to all the dumb people,m young people, in the United States of America who want everything for nothing. It is free.

Venezuela is a good example, where the government took away their guns, the people are starving they have no money they have no food and they’re not getting anything free. But the politicians that are running the country get everything free their super rich are the politicians, everybody else in the country super poor. And what was the first thing that the socialist government did, they took all the prisoners, all the criminals out of prison and made them soldiers and gave them the guns. So now the people are in a revolt they want their freedom back in there being cut down like pieces of sticks because they can’t defend themselves they throw rocks and the crooks and the socialists throw bullets that kill them and then if they can’t kill them with bullets as you have seen on TV they run them over with their their trucks nice.

If this would happen in this country, if you listen to Nancy Pelosi a socialist communist all her life who works for Russia, who was Gorbachev called Pelosi, his useful idiot. Bernie Sanders is a true wealthy Russian Agent and Communist, who take their orders directly from the Institute of policy studies the so-called think tank of the left making up (from the book Shadow World by Robert Chandler)the Congressional progressive Caucus the shadow party hiding inside the Democrat party that is been seized by George Soros and 1960s radicals and they take their orders directly from Russia.

So ladies and gentlemen what does this tell us the Democrats who are progressive a kind word for Communists and socialists people that hate the United States of America and want us to become socialist so they can make us their slaves. Never, if it means death, never give up your gun, when the government comes for your gun shoot back shoot for the head they don’t have body armor and around their heads, shooting right between the eyes, shooting in the legs shoot them anywhere where there isn’t any Body Armor. That’s why we have the Second Amendment to protect us from our government who is our enemy and the enemy of the world.. This is said what socialism really is I forgot who wrote it, I wish I did, it explains socialist thinking.

A socialist government can never hold that human life is special or needs to be preserved. People are like,little more than livestock to them and like livestock there they are free to be slaughtered when necessary. This was from Godfather politics

The licensing laws that are currently on the books succeed only in disarming those who rent respect the law. Precisely by using ensuring that those who abide by the law will not carry weapons outside the home. The law aids and abets criminals by ensuring that they will find easy victims, for unarmed men and women may be assaulted with greater confidence than those who or might be armed.” So don’t be fooled by the propaganda about owning a gun which is terrible.

Brennan, had orders from Obama,and carried out mass murders against soft targets, because every Tuesday Brennan and Obama got together and figured out who they were going to kill that week. It is easy to find psychopaths that are ready to murder people on Facebook, twitter, whatever you have, and then Brennan sent to his CIA operatives to brainwash these psychos to go murder soft targets like schools and children. You don’t think the government will do that? You’re wrong, our government is capable of anything to get what they want. In the fake news media will cover for them, and so will all the politicians.

The Democrats, and also the traitor Republicans like Mitt Romney will cover their crimes. Even though they are caught red-handed none of them will go to jail or answer for their crimes because they are all above the law. We the people who live at the bottom of the run of civilization in the USA who pay for everything, and who suffer the most, against we the people and create chaos, and enemies for us, who work like dogs and have to give up everything for the government. Pres. Trump is the only president in the history United States of America that has worked for America.

Anyway don’t forget don’t give up that gun, you give up that gun you give up your freedom and if you ever wanted your freedom back you’re going to die without a weapon in your hand. The Second Amendment was written to protect us from tyrants like we have now trying to force our government into something we the people don’t want. Progressive socialist/communist government.