A.G. Barr held in contempt!!!?

Obama and Holder broke the law every day of the year for eight years and nobody ever did anything to stop Obama from doing anything he wanted to do. He was like the Emperor Caligula

  1. The Demo-rats are really rats. The socialist/communist demo rat party are traitors to the very heart of the freedom of the United States of America. This is all happening because they want to get Trump.Oberest Muller, (hail Hitler) always worked with and for the demo rat party and with Hillary Clinton to protect her because she is the one that started the Russian dossier about Trump. They found nothing against Trump in his two years of trying to sabotage the president of the United States of America. And he used all of Hillary Clinton’s scumbag lawyers to try to convict Pres. Trump of colluding with Russia.Now let’s look at the real colluder to Russia. It was Hillary Clinton selling our secrets to Russia. It was Obama selling and helping Russia, against the United States of America. It was all the Demo-rats dealing with Russia, and getting the FBI to spy on Pres. trump and try to overthrow this presidents election. The rats are still trying to overthrow Pres. trump selection.They singled out Atty. Gen. Barr because he will not give them a few pieces of paper that by law he can’t give them so they voted to put Barr in contempt of Congress.
    I think Congress is contemptible and they should be dragged off and put in jail for all the crimes that they’ve committed against our country and the people of the United States of America. There is no demo rat congressmen that is clean, they’re all covered in slime of selling this country out to the highest bidders. Congress forgets they are not complete rulers of this country. There are two other factors that have to be factored in. The guy from New York and elder Nader whatever his name is hated Trump from way before he became president. Probably because Trump wouldn’t give him millions of dollars. So now he’s going to do a more and try to take out everybody that he can that Trump has appointed and they prove.. I.e. Atty. Gen. Barr.If the people that voted for the Demo-rats in 2018 just look around and see what they’re doing now wait until 2020 if they get a demo rat president you can kiss this country goodbye. And it’s nobody’s fault but the people that believe that the Demo-rats are better the run this country. They are not, they work for themselves and not for the people they work for every other country in the world but not the people not us never the United StatesMay 8, 2019Reply