There is a lot of un- law voter registration going on

There was an article on the Internet that said that President Trump is a shoe in. I disagree.The Demo-rat Party never following  the Constitution and no one stops them.

The Fake News media is a threat to President Trump. The Demo-rat Party is is registering Illegal Aliens right now in Chicago Ill, and other cities and States that are Dem-rtas run. No one is trying to stop the Illegal Aliens from registering to vote Demo-rat, that’s why they are all running for President. And don’t forget the Muslims, who are not citizens. Our Constitution says you can’t vote if you are not a citizen of the United States of America. and the Low Life Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans like Mitt Romany are for it. We have no Constitution because of the Traitors that work for Obama and follow his orders. I.E. Nancy Pelosi and Schumer who runs the Senate, that Mitch McConnell gave him the OK to take over.