Clinton went to North Korea in 1994

I think the news media is wrong when they see that Pres. Trump was the first president to step inside North Korea. In 1994 Bill Clinton went to Korea, North Korea, and gave them $5 billion plus Technology for 2 nuclear plants so that they could build their own atomic bomb. Bill Clinton dealt with the enemy, like theĀ  traitor he is, ( for a kick back of 5 billion dollars) gave them technology that they should never have because they are rogue government, ready and always wanting to destroy South Korea and make that communist too.

So so Bill Clinton, like Jimmy Carter, and Obama are true traitors to the United States of America they all dealt with the enemy and they all sold America out For cash upfront to put in their pocket. If it wasn’t for Bill Clinton going to North Korea giving you Um’s father $5 billion and two Nuclear reactor atomic plants.

And then Russia and China giving them more technology ( that the USA gave them to blow up the world and got big bucks from Russia and China to put in their money laundry foundations tax free) these countries wouldn’t have an atomic bomb missile today. I wonder how much money Bill Clinton put in his pocket of that $5 billion that he gave North Korea president of that the time Un’s father.
. Hillary Clinton is a traitor, selling our nuclear mines to Russia which she doesn’t own and splitting the money was Obama. Jimmy Carter was a traitor for selling the Panama Canal to communist China. In Obama is a traitor for selling us out to everybody else in the Middle East that are Muslims, terrorists Russia, China and Europe for trillions of dollars for Obama, and Mexico to destroy the USA.