Who is the real government of the United States of America

We the people of the United States of America are the true government of this country are the true patriots of this country who stand for the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We do not stand with the demo rat party or the Republican traitors that are in the Congress and the Senate Trying to destroy us in our country, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights.

Who fight in these U.N.  wars that are no win  wars, and who are the children that die in these wars for U.N. that were not supposed to win because in the 60s we adopted a UN policy of not to win the war, just to get our kids killed for nothing for the U.N., and the politicians the senators and congressmen and past presidents who made billions and billions of dollars of using our soldiers as whores and mercenaries to fight in these no-win wars for their political gain. In the death of our children. But their children did not fight in the wars their children did not die in the wars they have their children working in the background making deals with China Russia and whoever and they are making billions of dollars on the side through their children to sell out our country to all the countries that they work for because of the influence of their parents. But none of them die for the UN like our children do.

We the people, who are the real government,must stand strong and must stand together to destroy the demo rat party who are in reality hate every American citizen there is in this country especially the white people. Everyone in the Demo-rat party are  traitors. Republicans want to destroy our country They want to make us, we the people poor and begging on our knees to big government.

Our forefathers never meant this to happen, our forefathers wrote a Constitution to guide this country to liberty and freedom forever. But because these people Republicans and Democrats have been in office for so long they have taken over the country. They have cheated  all the elections to be elected again. Nancy Pelosi and a demo rat party doe not care for the United States of America they do not care for the Constitution of the United States of America, they work for their socialist communist party against every citizen in the United States of America who loves his freedom who loves the Constitution who loves the Bill of Rights . They do not, and this also includes the traitors  who are Republicans and go with the socialist communist idea of the demo rats to destroy our country and to destroy our freedom and to destroy us.

We the people are the real power, not the senators and congressmen, presidents vice presidents, bureaucracies, that love this country, we love our country, and if we want term limits, in one voice we should rise up and demand that there are term limits for all of these elected official so they can never gain control over us again.

To do this we must stand as one voice. Prior to the demo rat take over everyone that was born in this country was a citizen of the United States of America whether he was black, brown, yellow or white we were all citizens of the United States of America we weren’t pigeonholed into was black, brown yellow or white there was no color in the United States of America there was just freedom for everyone. But the Democrats and a traitor Republicans have seen to it that they created racism in the United States of America. They created hate each other in the United States of America. They created chaos, crime, they created a society where life is more cheap than the cheapest thing on earth. And the senators and congressmen both demo rat and Republican must be stopped. If we want to stop our children for dying for the UN it is up to us to demand that we shut down the UN and never give them a dime. The senators and congressmen only think of foreign countries and how much money they can put in that are pockets they never think of the United States of America. The only person that thinks of the United States of America first is the greatest president in modern-day history Donald Trump. He is only one that has put America first and he is alone fighting these traitors, trying to stop every move he makes to make America great and make America free and make America one nation under God.

Pelosi and Schumer think they can destroy our president, it is up to us we the people to destroy them at the polls. Don’t forget it will not be easy because the traitor Republicans and Democrats have many many illegal aliens with voter cards that can vote.and the DOJ will never stop them.

Again we the people who are citizens of our country who love our country have the power to destroy every demo rat that there is elected in the Congress and the Senate and in  the states in the cities. And don’t forget there are many many traitors that are Republicans that have to be voted out Mitt Romney is number one, Mitch O’Connell is number two and so on and so on and so one.

One nation under God we survive with our Constitution intact our Bill of Rights intact our freedom intact our lives in our children’s lives and our grandchildren’s lives will be intact. We must destroy the demo rat party and the traitor Republicans before the destroy our country and us. We the people are the government, we the people are strong and we the people are strong enough to fight for our right to be free and not become slaves of the federal government.