Biden is on to many drugs

It sounds to me like Joe Biden’s war stories and any other stories and all the things he forgets and where he is and always talking about can’t even remember Obama’s name. His brain is somewhere else but nit in his head. To me it looks like Biden is been taking a lot of cocaine up his nose plus other drugs that are destroying his brain. Which doesn’t take much because he has no brain. He’s a good liar, his family and himself are good thieves and traitors to this country. But since he’s a Demo-rat you are allowed to be a traitor, socialist/communist and whatever,as long as you are against the country. There is no Demo-rat that is for the United States of America. And Joe Biden’s number one. Obama was number one, but since this Traitor left Office is #2.

When he said the other day, ” don’t mind what I’m saying but vote for me to be president it’s better than the alternative.” You have to be kidding. The alternative is, Pres. Donald Trump the Savior of the United States of America, promising the people, and giving the people what he promised. He promised he would bring jobs back to the country and make our country prospers again he’s doing it right now. He’s trying to keep illegal aliens not immigrants but illegal aliens, felons from coming into this country. But no cooperation from the Demo-rat party and half the Republicans like Mitt Romney and McConnell, run by socialist communists like Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer who is a real socialist, Bernie Sanders communist agent, Cortez, Omar and the whole Democrat party.

No other president in the history of the United States promised the people what he was going to do for our country and did it. Pres. Trump is the only one that said what he was going to do and he’s doing it. So why vote for any communist socialist demo rat, it is too bad that the people don’t understand what communist socialism is.

It is not utopia. It is the death of freedom, freethinking, the government is your new God. No laws but the laws of the jungle. And right now the Demo-rat party is practicing communism. They have no laws that can convict any Muslim of any crime, they have no laws protecting the citizens of the United States of America from criminals that are illegal aliens. They pass laws to protect criminals but not the victim.

The demo rats have kept this country split, race against race, for many years which is communist doctrine. High taxes is communist doctrine. The queen of high taxes Nancy Pelosi is fully aware of this, yet she implants high taxes to everything but herself. As a speaker the house, and as a congressperson, Nancy Pelosi has stolen billions and billions of dollars that we don’t even know about and made her family billions and billions of dollars by giving them government contracts. But the news media the fake news media, who is owned by all foreigners who are socialist /communist to begin with and want to destroy our country. Never say a word about what the Demo-rats do to this country and what the Demo-rats steal from this country and how the demo rats are traitors to this country selling all nations our secrets, military and civilian secrets. So that these other countries want to decide to declare war on the United States will have a better chance of defeating us then we defeating them.

A vote for a Demo-rat, is a vote for socialism/communism, the death of freedom, the Constitution, the United States of America, and the world will collapse into poverty, chaos, and crime.

The only thing that keeps we the people free from this so far is that we own a gun by the Second Amendment we are allowed to own a gun and protect ourselves not from each other but from our tyrant government that want to destroy we the people and our country so that they can be rulers of the earth. Hence, George Bush Senior and the Bush families New World order which is socialism /communism takes over the world. Where the people have no choice of what we want, but what the Socialist/communist Government wants to do, with our lives, only the government will tell you what you can do it your life. And in the New World order communism that the Bush family loves and puts forward, everybody who loves freedom will have to die, everybody that is a capitalist will have to die, and that includes their family. Castro did it in Cuba, and we backed Castro against Batista and the State Department that is run by communist Fabian’s knew that Castro was a communist yet our government with the help of the State Department helped Castro take over  Cuba turn it into a real communist satellite and murder a few million people. Castro murdered all capitalists, all landowners, all business people, all people that love freedom. The end of Cuba. Wherever communism goes millions of people have to die for communism to survive. Thank God that our forefathers gave we the people the right to bear arms and protect ourselves and our country from our government.

The only person in modern-day history that is for the United States of America first last and always in is doing everything he can to bring the United States back to what we were in his wall alone, is Donald Trump the greatest president in modern-day history.