Who killed Epstein…

The Russians had nothing to do with Epstein’s suicide As Joe Scarborough suggests.

In my opinion if anybody had anything to do with Epstein suicide it was the Clintons. Remember everybody that the Clintons ever had a lot to do with was murdered. So why couldn’t the Clintons have somebody slip the Epstein the poison to commit suicide vafor them or force him to swallow the poison. Because Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were involved with Epstein also Obama and Bill Clinton made over 29 trips Orgy Island and who knows how many trips that Hillary Clinton and Podesta made the orgy Island. It’s all in the records to the flights to orgy island that Epstein had the Clintons flown their.

Another guy who made a ton of trips there was congressmen Bernie Frank was always flying to orgy island went on Epstein’s airplane. So if you want to know about Epstein’s suicide look to the Clintons everybody that ever dealt with them is either died, thrown out of the window or was murder. Then Epstein has a lot of dirt on the Clintons going to orgy island. Just look at all the people that the Clintons left that behind them dead as they moved onward and upward in the political world.

Epstein new a lot of secrets about the influential people he took to Orgy Island, that’s why he was murdered.