Should Blagojevich get out of jail…

Why didn’t his best buddy Obama, pardon Blagojevich when when he was in jail. Why should Pres. Trump pardon Blagojevich told Obama that if you could run for president after your through I am going to run for president how about that.

Blagojevich is a criminal, who tried to create his own the political criminal family with his father-in-law Dick Mell to take over not only the state but the city of Chicago. Blagojevich committed crimes that he was convicted of,  trying to sell Obama’s seat and other things and he is guilty of them because he knew exactly what he was doing,and don’t fall for their poor mouth stuff, I got no money, they have millions stashed away don’t kid yourself,  they can’t spend it they have to sit on because if they start spending that money the Government is going to step and take it away. In two years Balkovich will be getting $62,000 a year about that for a pension the State and the Federal Government.

Blagojevich committed crimes that he figured he would never be caught, he knew exactly what he was going to do, He was doing it from money and he cared less about being a governor of the state of Illinois and more about how to keep getting money when he slid his drawer open and people would just drop thousands of dollars into his drawer for favors. He got so bold that he didn’t think anybody could touch him and start doing things right out in the open. That’s how powerful he felt and knowing that his father-in-law Dick Mell another powerhouse in the city Chicago would help him out and he would never go to jail for anything.

Gen. Flynn deserves a pardon from the Muller  witch hunt that destroyed him financially on purpose who really didn’t do anything. When he asked if he needed a lawyer they lied to him and told him no you don’t need a lawyer and then they said he was lying and he wasn’t lying but he got convicted by Muller and the FBI run by Comey, and it cost him everything that the man had. He deserves a pardon and he deserved to get all his money back and sue Muller and Comey of the FBI, knowing that he was innocent and knowing that they wanted a victim and Gen. Flynn was it.

Blagojevich knew exactly what he was doing when he was trying to make money on the side by  by selling seats in this Illinois Senate. He knew exactly what he was doing when he was taking bribes for contracts for the State of Illinois. He knew exactly what he was doing for every crime he committed that would put money in his pocket and his father-in-law’s pocket so they could gain more power in the state of Illinois and own it.Blagojevich is a criminal and should serve his term,he has no remorse of what he had done, he thinks that he had every right to cheat, lie and steal as the governor of the state of Illinois. That’s what all demo rats think that they can do because they think they are above the law and free to do anything they want.

That’s what they are all doing right now.