Epstein, suicide

Whatever the news media in the government then the police department and whatever goes on in New York sated Epstein hung himself from the bulk of his bed I don’t believe that I believe Epstein was murdered that cell door was left open. And he had the runner jail.

A multimillionaire like Epstein is going to commit suicide over some garbage about him being a pedophile or orgy Islander helping  all the politicians to go there and have sex with the children and all homosexuals like Bernie Franks  who was a  congressmen went there every week.

Epstein had no conscience, and billionaires don’t kill themselves over nothing. He had lawyers he probably beat the rap with his money. I believe that Epstein was murder and they tried to make it look like a suicide and the news media goes along with it and the prison goes along with hated and everybody in New York was a long was because Epstein had a lot of stuff on a lot of big-time people that would’ve embarrass them.

Who knows if those guards were paid off to fall asleep and let it happen,things like that happen jails all the time, guys are murder. But everybody will keep their mouth shut about that and nobody will ever find out what really happened. Because the Clinton crime family and all the rest of the rotten politicians that went too Orgy Island, and abused children will be really happy about it. I say Epstein was  murdered. What he did to the Clintons with Bill Clinton dressed up in a blue dress. So the news media and the government could say everything they want and I believe the government kill him. The Clintons have a long arm and a lot of bodies behind them.

Notice how to fake news media and even Fox isn’t making any comments about Bill Clinton in his  portrait in a blue dress in the Oval Office sitting like a woman,hanging in Epstein home. They don’t want to talk about Bill Clinton the biggest degenerate next Obama that ever was president of this country.