One of the best books I’ve ever read in my whole life and should be put in every grammar school high school in college so that the students really know what they’re getting getting into when professors of hate teach them that the socialism is a wonderful thing and the utopia of the world. When it is in reality a hellhole made by wealthy people to make slaves of we the people.

The name of the book is called none Dare call it treason it’s written by John Stormer it was published didn’t 1964 you can still get these books on Amazon or eBay.

When people talk about communism and socialism which are the same, and the new word for socialism and communism is the liberal left and progressives. These people don’t want to change our country into socialism for we the people, they want to change this country into socialism for their selfs. They have no interest in what we the people want , they only have interest in what they want to take full control of our minds our bodies and everything else.

The first thing they’ll do is take away our guns so that when this change comes, to socialism and communism the first thing that’s in the communist and progressive manifesto is that you have to get rid of all the people that love freedom, all the people that are educated, all the bourgeoisie, which is our government Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders,Chuck Schumer a real communist and every demo rat traitor. Plus traitor  Republicans  that is now in our government. And that would be to me led by that rat Romney who hates Trump with a passion.

Reading this book explains to me and everyone who will read it why communism and socialism and progressivism is so strong today. It is so strong today is because from president Wilson, who thought he was God’s gift to humanity, he thought he was so brilliant the new everything. But he knew nothing. His alter ego, was Edward House, a real character in a socialist communist and the voice behind the Thrown told Wilson what to do..

Wilson was a huge fan of HG Wells, guess what  Wells was, he belonged to the socialist party run by another nitwit who thought he was God’s gift to the world and a writer George Bernard Shaw. Wilson got is idea from HG Wells book about all the countries getting together and getting along, he started the league of Nations which failed, then after World War II the UN started, which is in reality a socialist communist organization. It’s been time taking over the United States, with the New World order, where you will be selected to live or die at there will. The United States of America has supported communists and communist countries since Wilson’s time otherwise socialism and communism were to failed. Even Eisenhower supposedly a great president help Mao take over China, while going against Change Kai-shek.

On paper all the socialist communist New World order ways to control society and make society a better place, looks good in reality they leave out the human factor of all the people who are greedy, and will cut your throat for two cents and rule the world.
That’s why we the lucky American people have the Second Amendment to protect ourselves from our own government and bureaucracies that want to destroy our freedom and our country. So they can rule for themselves.

Truman even worked for the Communists, he wasn’t that great of president. He fired MacArthur because MacArthur wanted to go into China and finish the war and Communism, there and tear the communist up and he wouldn’t let them do it. He wouldn’t let this fight the war to win the let us fight the war to lose. Truman fired MacArthur!!!

Now Marx was a super super Jewish intellectual raised in an affluent Jewish family with money. Communism and socialism and progressivism is not thought up by the people it is thought up by the super pseudo-intellectuals who think they’re God and no better what to do for people than we know how to take care of ourselves.

Marx was a lazy pig, he was married he had six children, three of his children died of starvation, two of his children committed suicide, and the last one and his wife were living in the street like bums. While Marx was being taken care of by another super rich guy called Ingalls. But Marx didn’t do anything to save his family he just did something to save himself.

When Marx died he was lucky got six people come to his funeral.

There is so much in this book that you can educate yourself with and see where this country is going, we are going down the same path to destroy this country as all the other countries destroyed themselves in communism and socialism and progressivism. It hasn’t changed in 100 years this is always been the plan to destroy the United States of America and all the presidents, except for Donald Trump, worked to destroy United States of America and help communism throughout the world take over our country. Our country falls the world falls, because we are the ones that are supporting communism and socialism with the billions of dollars in money and aid that we give to all the socialist communist countries in the world otherwise they would fail. The United States of America keeps the world alive to practice socialism/communism/progressivism. It is the demo rat party who is doing all of this and Obama was not only a Muslim but he was a communist raised by a communist call Frank Marshall Davis who is was having threesomes with his wife and Obama’s mother.

Obama is still in the background pulling the strings to destroy this country through the Democrat party. Nancy Pelosi is sitting still and letting Omar and Cortez and the other two do all her dirty work. She’s keeping quiet so that the people can’t blame her she didn’t say it they said. But she’s using them like you use a vacuum cleaner.Obama is controlled by Communism USA.

The only thing that’s going to keep us free is the Second Amendment.