This is what it is called!!!

Looking at my bill for AT&T, DirecTV they took over, for $140 in some cents. And that’s for the minimum of cable TV. Now cable TV was supposed to be if you wanted the certain movie channels you would pay for them on the side. Cable TV was actually supposed to be free except for the movie channels.

But when the Congress and the Senate and the FCC got a hold of of this. Everything changed, there was no more just pay for the movie channels you had to pay for the whole thing. You know many commercials we watch on cable television, thousands per day the commercials run from anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes and you see commercial after commercial if the commercial. These other stations are making billions and billions of dollars a year on our dime

Why is this when it was supposed to be free? Because ladies and gentlemen it’s called by our great congressmen senators and bureaucrats at FCC for tons of money in their pockets for the rest of their lives to have passed laws that force us to pay extravagant prices to watch cable TV. Now our enemy our government has a slogan that they use when they’re going to make money put it in their pocket and that law is called .” Let’s fuck people of the United States of America they got it, coming.” Suckers!!!

And that ladies and gentlemen this is how our enemy our government takes care of we the people. They do everything they can to hurt us in the pocketbook. And the demo rats are always in the lead and the Republican traitors are always saying okay we’ll go along with that, we don’t care your the one who did it, but were going to collect the money too.”

You know if you vote for Demo-rats, traitors Republicans, like Mitt Romney  and people that have been in government 20/30 years of  your voting to say to them, come on you can screw me out all my money because I want to vote for you again.

Vote for a demo rat this time your vote and really destroy yourself our country and you will have no money in your pocket. Here what they say. They are going to take away the Second Amendment, they’re going to take away the First Amendment, they are going to destroy everything that Trump did to make our country successful so we  all have a few bucks in our pockets. They’re going to raise taxes, they’re going to tear down every piece of freedom that we know in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And that’s called let’s Fuck the people.

Wise up and wake up term limits two terms for everybody. Three years for senators not six. So they get to three-year term there out and they can have their relatives run for that office to take their spot so they can continue to destroy our country and destroy we the people and take everything that we work for out of our pockets.