Be ready!!!

Our President, President Trump will not be a shoe in, I

Guarantee it. Because in every demo rat city in the United States of America were the demo rats have control, they have already registered every illegal alien and Muslim non-American into their voter books. So we don’t have ID to vote as a law because of the demo rats. They will surely use all these illegal aliens and Muslims to vote Democrat in the cities and votes that are in the states will not match the votes that are in the cities. Hence every wacko demo rat is running for president. They all want socialist communist government. They want every American to be poor. They want every illegal alien and Muslim and anybody else who is not a US citizen to have everything free and we the citizens of the United States pay for all of this. And what do we citizens of the United States get from our government, stabbed in the back.
Our enemy our government run by the demo rats and their traitor Republicans like Mitt Romney want to destroy us. They want to destroy our Constitution our Bill of Rights our First Amendment our Second Amendment so that they can kill us that will.

If a demo rat becomes president it is time for a Civil War. Grab your Bibles grab your guns and grab your ammo and will march on Washington and take our country back.

So if you don’t want that to happen people you better get out there and vote for Donald Trump all the way because it’s already rigged by the Democrats for our president to lose in the votes in the city’s that carry millions of people. Like Chicago, New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles all the big cities that are run by the Democrats are waiting for this election to steal it from our president Pres. trump with illegal aliens already registered to vote as citizens of the United States, which they are not.



from big bob:


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