Everybody should carry a gun

Biden sticks up for the Killer in Texas that killed two people while they were worshiping God, by a few parishioners who had guns on them and killed the killer.

Good for them, happy they killed the shooter. I carry my gun where ever I go and to church. That’s what we have today in the USA because of the Demo-RAT party and the OBAMA resolution to destroy the USA. Nancy Pelosi is still working with Chuck Schumer and Shift to wreck our country. We live in times more dangerous then any other time in history, the violence is out of control, crime and murder have laws passed for certain groups of people. Illegal Mexicans, MSA13 Gangs and Muslims, amd Black Gang and Puerto Rican rican Gangs can commit any crime they want and are free from, the law. Every law biding citizen, including women should carry a gun to protect themselves and their families and from killers who can go into soft targets and kill people at will and get away with it.

Our Government passes more laws to protect criminals then they do to protect we the people to keep us safe. Hence carry a gun!!!