Trump was never Impeached!!!Dummies!!!


Pres. Trump, our president the people’s president, the only president in the history the United States that is for the United States first, last and always.

Pres. Trump is not impeached. The great pig, Nancy Pelosi, Obama’s mistress and agent working against the United States of America all her natural life as a communist and socialist. You can look back in her record and you can see that she was Gorbachev’s idiot and she took her orders from communist Russia.

The reason Pres. Trump is not impeached, according to Dershowitz who I believe knows more about the Constitution then that goof that belongs to Obama who helped Obama with Obama killer care saying that it was a tax, John Roberts. In the same guy who helped Obama with his killer care is now judging everything in the the Senate that is going on to impeach Trump, again who is not impeached by the Congress. So what is Roberts therefore to make sure that this fake impeachment gets past and Pres. trump gets mailed. Roberts should re-close himself from this hearing because he is in Obama man. I wonder what dirt Obama had on this guy that made him turn Obama care into killer care and mated tax

This same Chief Justice, Obama’s man, didn’t stop the impeachment of Pres. Trump because Nancy Pelosi did not have the full vote of the Congress, to impeach Pres. Trump. Now as far as I’m concerned the Supreme Court under Obama’s man John Roberts should’ve snipped this in the bude, and told Nancy Pelosi that she couldn’t do this because she was breaking the law and she didn’t have enough votes to impeach Pres. Trump.

But Pelosi the traitor that she is and that scumbag Shifft, Nadler and all the Democrats in that scumbag party who are communists socialists trying to destroy the nation that we live in that is prosperous because of Pres. Trump. She allowed Shifft, a scum bag “Kike” lawyer, a liar, a cheat and everything that you could say bad about a person you can say that about Shifft, Pelosi, and Nadler and the rest of that group. They had no right in coming up with a bunch of fools and hold court on the impeachment of Pres. Trump even though they didn’t have the full cooperation of the Congress. Which they need to impeach a president. It’s called A kangaroo court.

So all of this now is going on the Senate is nothing but a farce and a sham and bull-shit to try and disgrace the greatest president in the history United States of something he didn’t do.

If crimes have been committed against this country it’s been committed by Nancy Pelosi, who’s son is also involved in getting money from the Ukraine and is in the same club with Biden son and Kerry’s son they all have their handout for the money from the Ukraine making themselves the super rich while using our money to give to countries that give them the kickbacks that add money to their bank accounts tax-free while they screw every citizen of the United States of America.

The demo rats are the ones that are traitors, the demo rats are the ones that give aid to the enemy, for money. Obama gave aid and guns to the enemy to kill our soldiers, and you can’t forget Hillary the pig Clinton who was also in charge of that and they all need money on selling weapons to the enemy to kill our soldiers. But nobody wanted to impeach Obama for that or put Hillary Clinton in jail for what she stole and blackmailed countries to give her millions of dollars. selling our  uranium mines to Russia for $125 million that we know about how many millions of dollars don’t we know about that she gotten split with Obama will never know. Or maybe we will if somebody investigates it. But nobody will investigated in Washington DC because demo rats are above the law and commit any crime they want as long as they cut up the money That’s because they are demo rats and they all are up all the law and and it is up to we the people come November to vote every demo rat Sen. and congressmen out of office.

Otherwise the demo rats who are still led by Obama and Nancy Pelosi and other scum like Chuck Schumer. Isn’t it sad that all the people that are in charge of trying to destroy Pres. Trump and our county are all of the Jewish persuasion. So sad that they give the Jewish persuasion a bad name. So I say, destroy the demo rat party because if they come back after Trump cannot win anymore they will destroy us, guaranteed they will destroy our country and create communism and socialism and we will no longer exist as  a nation and we will no longer be able to defend ourselves against a government that is out to kill everybody they can.

Once the Second Amendment is gong and the First Amendment is gone our Constitution will be gone and so will the freedom of the United States of America be gone. So it is up to us we the people, the white people,  must stay together and get together to oppose these tyrants who are going to destroy our country we have to destroy them. If we can’t destroy them in the ballot box then we have to have a Civil War and destroy and what our guns and our Bibles  and show them the same mercy, which is no mercy to destroy the United States of America.

Donald Trump is not impeached and everything that’s going on in the Senate and the Congress is a lie. And Supreme Court justice Obama’s man, Roberts Knew that this was all a lie and they couldn’t do it because they didn’t have the full consent of the Congress John Roberts is still working for the shadow government of Obama who want to destroy the United States of America.

God bless Donald Trump, God bless our Constitution, our freedom and our guns and our Bibles that will save us from the tyrants that want to destroy this country. Which is the demo rat party and the Rino Republicans led by none other than the biggest ass hole in the world Mitt Romney.