They don’t need our money!!!

Why should we donate to Billionaires and Millionaires so they can impeach Trump and they can get reelected to congress and the senate. The never need money to pass bills that  hurt we the people and raise our taxes to help them, not us. The perks they give themselves and their expense accounts, like Pelosi, who has a Liqueur bill of over a hundred thousand dollars. they buy taylor made clothes that cost thousands and hair cuts that cost over three hundred dollars, we pay with our tax dollars.

Pelosi’s son is part of the Ukraine deal making her tax free millions of dollars for her like Biden and Kerry. They all sell our secrets to Foreign countries for millions of dollars. Yet they want our hard earned money to keep these RATS in office to destroy our Country!

Don’t give your hard earned money to and Demo-RAT or REpublican parties or people they can buy and sell us tens times over and still have money left for them. they don’t care about we the people,(especially  White people)   we’re just suckers to them that they have on their bull-shit. They all can afford to pay their won way. And they sure don’t need money to stop any law they made, they didn’t need money to pass it. WAKE UP! they are all super rich, they don’t need pour money. Trump used his own money to get elected.

These Rats should use their own money. There are only a small hand full of men in the congress and the senate that are true Americans the rest are TRaitors looking to get n=more rich by using us as their suckers.