The second Amendment!

The UN, with the help of many Traitors from the Demo-RAT and Traitor Republicans and Big money people like Bloomberg are trying to get they UN to take away our 2nd amendments rights to take away our guns. And the guy who stared it is the Governor  of Virginia, with money backed by Bloomberg and George Soros, Nancy Pelosi and her gang of Traitors. the 2nd Amendment Was written for exactly what the State of Virginia is doing to take away the peoples right to own a gun any gun the best and newest gun we can buy. The was written to protect us from these kind of laws and the Rat Politicians who wrote them. The people have the right and the obligation to use the second amendment to protect this right of our freedom as said by the Constitution, it was written to protect us from our Government!!! Everyone in the USA should join the people of the State of Virginia, armed and and stand with the people!  And the USA should destroy the UN they are not what that goof Woodrow Wilson and his alter ego Edward house started this baloney that nations get together because Wilson, thought God gave him the right to rule the United States of America and the world, Wilson liked to read science fiction by HG Wells who wrote the book about how all the nations can get together and stay friends in peace on earth and goodwill to men. Pie in the sky bull shit. A story is a story science-fiction not true noticed the word science-fiction and that’s what the UN is, fiction. Because there is no nation in this world that could see eye to eye on anything We have been in constant wars since the UN took over and the first one was the Korean War which we didn’t win and killed and wounded over 50,000 young men. And the of adoption of this country to suit the you when to never win a war.. The only way  that they see eye to eye on is to destroy everything in they take over the world, And the nations will still never get along, mass killings will take place for ever.

On paper everything works, in reality nothing works. So let’s get out of the you when let’s stop giving money to all of these socialist countries so they can stay above water and we support them and they want to destroy us we should destroy the UN.

How Virginia ever voted for the goof that now wants to disarm them is unbelievable. Pay attention to who you vote for stupid!

The only way that we the people will be able to stop the Government and the UN from stopping them from taking away our right to own a gun has been going on for years started by the DEmo-RATS and Traitor republicans is to never give up your gun. When they come to your door to get your gun shoot them in the head, who ever they are. they will never say they are going to ban criminals, because the Government, people Bloomberg, Schumer and the rest of the RAtS want our guns so we cannot defend our selves against our own Government. Will destroy our freedom, our country, our Constitution. Where is the Supreme Court to stop this UN and cooperation with our Government.