Bloomberg…Jewish Hitler!!

In one of his speeches not too long ago Bloomberg said that people who were 90 years old will not get medical help because the going to die soon anyway. But what he didn’t say is ” if I live to be 90 years old and any of my family or friends of the 90 years old they will get all the healthcare they need.”  What you scum people who work like dogs to make a few dollars will not get any healthcare. That’s the kind of guy this rat two face bastard is.

No Democrat including the communist Bernie Sanders wants this country to be the greatest country in the world. Like the only president in last hundred years that ever worked for this country and not against it  like all the rest of the Presidents did. Is keeping this country alive and well. President Trump!

But the Obama people, Nancy Pelosi, all the Democrats, Paul Ryan Republican traitor, Mitt Romney traitor and all the Rino Republicans are traitors to president Trump, and are  Obama  people still working to destroy our country.

You do as I tell you but not as I do. That are the Demo-RATS. Now if Bloomberg says that 90 years old you don’t get healthcare save money. Why can’t Bloomberg say when you reach the age of 40 your no longer useful as a slave to the federal government so you will not get any healthcare. Or better yet at the age of 40 everybody gets euthanized. And if you think that these scum politicians Democrats and traitors that are Republicans wouldn’t pass that kind of the law you got another think coming. You see what is in the  back of Bloomberg’s mind, that’s what’s in back of all the politicians minds. If this country by law can murder unborn babies and if the baby is born put a drill in the back of his neck and drill into his brain and kill him, and we the people  sit on our hands and don’t do anything to make these politicians change the laws because life is precious. Our black president Obama and the evil people that are Democrats and traitors have made life nothing, life is not important.  Republicans voted for this law to murder unborn baby, now they’re selling the parts, and blood. You call that a country under God? I call that a country under the devil, who are all Democrats and traitor Republicans, and people like Bloomberg, like Nancy Palois, Schumer, Schifft, Sanders, Little Pete the Homo, that’s what we need another Homo President,

Remember  Bloomberg wanted to build a mosque on the site of the twin towers destruction and the  murder of 3000 people by the Muslims Saudi Arabia  Muslims. He fought fought for the Muslims to build their  Mosque  to be built on that site. A slap in the face of every Christian and Jew that lost their lives in that attack by Saudi Arabians. Bloomberg also marched with the Muslims in protests against the United States and Christians and Jews. That is the kind of a guy this rat Bloomberg is.

And Bernie Sanders the communist is the same!