Pres. Trump is innocent of all charges

What I want to know is, why was Nancy Pelosi allowed to do this to Pres. Trump because she did not have the vote of the Congress to impeach Pres. Trump. What she did was illegal. What Nadler Shiffte and Schumer did was illegal. Why was Pelosi getting away with all of this?

Where was this Chief Justice Roberts, Obama’s man and the Democrats man, to stop Nancy Pelosi because she broke the law. All the impeachment that all of these people were lies after lies about President Trump.

Where was the Supreme Court to stop this illegal impeachment of our president Pres. Trump who is innocent of all these charges and these people were allowed to lie,and  lie and lie and lie again and accuse Pres. Trump of everything that he never did.

They even made up stories that were lies about Pres. Trump. Why was this allowed to happen. This is the United States of America this isn’t a country that the demo rat party and Nancy Pelosi have taken over. She is nothing but a piece of scum shit.

Obama created the demo rat party, created by Nancy Pelosi the most horrible person in the world, so mean, I’m surprised she doesn’t Chew off her own foot.  why was she allowed to get away with an illegal impeachment.

Anyone know?