Rush Limbaugh

In my opinion the federal government gave Rush Limbaugh the lung cancer. The demo rat party and the CIA under Obama, and people like the Clintons commit murders all the time and make it look like it’s a health related.

Limbaugh influences millions of people every day about the demo rat party and scum like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Nadler and Shifft. He is always been in Trump’s corner fighting for him and pointing out to the people all the legal stuff that the demo rat party under Obama Nancy Pelosi, and Obama still running it, against Trump and he told the truth.

So like other people who the government dealt with the demo rat party and a secret organization somewhere,¬† that’s the killer elites, of this country, poisoned Limbaugh’s cigars with cancer so he would never be another threat to socialism and communism in this country.

Many people the government didn’t want, died from cancer. And many people died because of the Clintons. Kennedy was assassinated by his own.

May God bless Rush Limbaugh and helping in his fight against this cancer. God bless our freedom in our country, and down with the traitors and rats that belong to Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, all the people that turned on Trump and were traitors to this country trying to overthrow our president.

And I will never not believe that somewhere the demo rat party, Obama, and the Clintons didn’t help Limbaugh get cancer through doctoring his cigars. We can’t trust this government we can never trust this government we can never trust the demo rats the congressmen and the senators and the bureaucracies that run this country the FBI the CIA or QRD whatever they have to control we the people¬† and people of influence, we can never trust our government to do the right thing for we the people and our freedom and our country. That’s how corrupt and crooked they are and they get away with murder, and they get away with treason!