Man Playing God

Looks like I was wrong about the coronavirus killing everybody and leaving whole cities in place and  dead bodies all over the place. It looks like the coronavirus was invented by the Chinese, with whose help and money we will never know because who are we?

Nobody ,just people who are going to be infected by this disease and it was meant to kill, as we see it now, people with pre-existing conditions of illness,, cancer, heart trouble, almost any disease plus people who are old. It attacks you gives you pneumonia and you die. So what is going on? Insurance companies will save a lot of money if this virus can really get going around the world and kill all the old people and all the sick people then the insurance companies will not have to pay out so much money to try to keep these people healthy. The old and sick will no longer be a burden on any country or state.

Not quite like Obama and the demo rats did when they passed murder Inc. to kill unborn babies and babies that are just born. Now we have a new one that we can’t blame anybody for except the Chinese for inventing it in this to coronavirus to kill people. The Chinese also invented this flow of swine flu to kill people. Now they really got their hands on something with this coronavirus that will kill a lot more people. Like I said, get ready old people and the people that are ill with pre-existing conditions. The health insurance companies will love that. As long as it doesn’t happen to the super rich people are politicians and their families and the movie stars and their families and you don’t just kill rich people, poor people gotta die.

Man playing God, picking out who’s going to live in who’s going to die. Just like man playing God trying to mix the races. So they have better control they think or the over the people. Especially in the United States and that’s Kennedy’s doctrine mix the races and we won’t have any trouble. God created three races, white race the Negro race, and the Orientals. Now man playing God, the leaders of the world, they want all the people the mix but not them! They will be the super elite white people that will rule the world with the rest of us being of mixed races and still there’s going to be murder is going on, there will  be rapes, there’s going to be crime. And mixing races won’t stop that, it’ll only contribute to more crime. Man has to quit playing God especially our politicians, and the UN politician that cause more trouble in this world than a cage full a  monkeys..