To a friend

To a Friend of mine who asked me what I think about the Chronovisor

The Chinese invented the coronavirus to kill all the old people in the world in certain countries especially the United States and all the people who have pre-existing health conditions. And who help them develop this virus to kill the people around the United States and the world is a couple things I can think of. The United States of America under the Democrat party run by Obama. There is also a group of people and the head of those people are Prince Charles of England that have been going around the world for years and years and years telling everybody how to kill off their people because there’s too many people in the world. And that’s a fact. Then there’s the UN that probably help them to fire up develop the virus to kill off a lot of people get rid of get rid of us old people. Notice it does not affect young people or children.

Now that’s evil. And that’s run by the few percent of the richest people in the world that run the world.