Blame Trump…Blame Obama!!!

The demo rats, and the fake news media TV and the written newspapers are always blaming Pres. Trump for everything that is wrong.  Right now to trying to put the blame on Pres. Trump for this coronavirus that is spreading all over the world that was made by China.

What we have to realize is Pres. Trump has nothing to do with the virus, he has everything to do with stopping this virus from coming into this country. The only president in the United States history that ever worked immediately to save our country.

. A virus takes a long time to develop, so does this  virus that China invented. it did not happen overnight. Want to blame somebody I blame Obama, and all the Demo-rats, Ezekiel Emanuel, one sick in the head professor, for the coronavirus. This is what our politicians want to happen in this country and all over the world. Bloomberg gave a hint of what the government, the demo rat government, socialism and communism wants to do, is kill off, the 90-year-olds don’t give them any healthcare. Except people like Bloomberg wants to do this, but it doesn’t apply them, it only applies to we the slaves of the demo rat government, the socialist communists that want to destroy our country.

Ezekiel Emmanuel, the mad scientist that help create Obama’s killer care has written and published papers saying that, “children that are under 10 years old that are sick will not get healthcare and they will die. Grown-ups as long as they are useful working and paying  all the taxes will be able to live. But when they reach the age of 45 or 50 or 60, and they are no longer contributing to whatever the communist socialist government The New World Order, and Globalists, they should be exterminated. But not them not the creators of this law.

So how about we blame Obama, because Obama loved killing people, he even said he that does a good job at killing people, I don’t think that the Chinese government has the knowledge or capability of creating this virus. It is really unique because it follows the Obama killer plan to kill everybody from 50 up that have pre-existing conditions and they will surely die. But the people that want this disease this virus will not die, they and there’s will live because they will have the antidote to be able to save themselves and their family, only we the people, that are old and sick and the young people that are   sick will die with this new coronavirus and I believe the demo rats and Obama helped China to develop the coronavirus so they don’t have to pass a law in the Congress and the Senate to kill off all the old people in the sick people to save tons of money for insurance company. Amazing how the scientists can create a virus that can only kill people of certain ages with certain diseases, or illness. Amazing.

So if the Demo-rats are going to blame somebody, blame Obama and his regime and the Demo-RAT party because they have already passed laws to kill unborn innocent babies and then chop them up and sell their body parts. Sounds like a horror science-fiction movie, but it’s true. So why not the coronavirus and Obama had our scientists go over there and help create this virus to kill off the sick and old population. Now there will only be young people no more old people you don’t deserve to live could your old and feeble and somebody has to take carry so you’re not allowed to live anymore. Following Ezekiel Emanuel plan on how to kill off populations that don’t contribute to anything anymore.

And who created the swine flu? China! The Demo-rats and the fake news media going to blame someone, blame Obama and the Demo-rats because they love to kill off the American people, especially the white people.