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Globalists Using Coronavirus
While it’s important that we stay aware of the coronavirus, we are beginning to see the work of the globalists to push us towards a tyrannical government with even more government control. We have recently seen this when the globalists used the climate change hysteria to attempt to push us closer to globalism. With that failing, they are now attempting to use the coronavirus scare to continue to push us in that direction again. The reaction to the coronavirus has been to call for stricter restrictions on people which may not be the best strategy. These troubled times calls for two strategies. One that protects people’s lives and another that protects people’s freedoms. Though it is still early in this pandemic, it’s important to remember that in the face of any crisis, we should be eager to lose neither our lives nor our liberties.
Con-Con Successes!

Last week, a few of our Wisconsin members headed down to the capital at Madison to hand out Con-Con materials to the staffers there. We were privileged to have engaging conversations with both Democratic and Republican staffers and we were also able to give out great information to the staffers who were on the fence.

Also thanks to your continued efforts in this fight, we have recently defeated another BBA Article V convention application in Georgia. Please continue to contact your state legislators and urge them to vote NO on all Con-Con applications or proposals. Find out what is happening in your state by clicking the button below and contacting your local coordinator!

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Get US Out! of the USMCA!
The Canadian Parliament now becomes the last nation to formally adopt the new USMCA trade deal as they rushed through the ratification process last week. The only remaining step is formal approval by the governor-general-the representative of Queen Elizabeth, Canada’s head of state. Also, in a letter to the U.S. Congress last Wednesday, U.S. Trade Representative Lighthizer sent a notice of an entry-into-force date of June 1st for the USMCA. While there looks to be no stopping this agreement from being implemented, we must work now to Get US Out! of the USMCA! Follow the link below to see what we can do to work ourselves out of this sovereignty-destroying agreement.
Get US Out! of the USMCA
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Dr. Duke discusses a radical elementary teacher that told her 6-year-old student “Girls Are Not Real.”  Plus, college students react to Joe Biden groping women and a ridiculous comment by a 5-year-old will now follow him for the next 25 years.

All of this and more on the Dr. Duke Show.

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1. Say No to Merging the U.S. & EU Into an ‘Atlantic Union’
2. Oppose H.J. Res. 79: Removal of ERA Ratification Deadline
3. Get US Out! of the USMCA
4. Full list of federal alerts here!

Click the link below to see what is happening in your state and how you can get more involved! Also contact your local coordinator for more information!

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