Well the stupidity of the liberal media, of the liberal politicians, of everybody that doesn’t understand what Islam and the Koran really say when congressmen, senators, presidents, like Obama who swore on the Koran instead of the holy Bible of Christianity.

Muslims swear on the Koran, which means absolutely nothing to the United States of America,  but trouble and promises that they, the Muslims who are elected will destroy the United States of America and bring in Islam. In the Koran it says that no Muslim will serve no government in this world and will only serve their religion, a murder cult called Islam, and the Koran says to destroy all infidels. That means Christians and Jews throughout the United States of America and the whole world that is what they swear on the Koran when the fools in Washington allow Muslims to swear in the Koran and not our Bible. They swear to destroy the United States of America. Look at the few that have been elected,they are ready and the problems they’re causing and they all want sharia law over the Constitution of the United States of America. When they are the majority the politicians we will lose our Constitution and went up with sharia law.

Liberal dummies, professors of hate, professors of ignorance, professors of religion, teachers who want their students to act like Muslims, and dress like Muslims and take names like Muslims should be outlawed and the teachers should be put in jail.

Freedom of religion does not mean that a murder cult, like Islam practice their hatred for all infidels Christians and Jews that they want to slaughter. They love chopping off your head in the middle of the street. Obama brought all the Muslims into the United States of America. They produce children 8 to 1 to any Christian and Jew because they all have four wives, one legally married by the law of the land, and three married by the law of the Koran. And we support them with billions of dollars a month. They don’t have to work, they don’t have to pay health insurance, Obama’s order that, they get everything free. They are allowed to have mosques in our country where they can recruit suicide bombers or better yet murder bombers and teach them how to make bombs and how to kill people.

They have training camps all over the United States, they have five in the state of New York alone,  where they are practicing urban warfare against we the people and that was started by Obama and Brennan the head of the CIA who not only is a Communist but a converted Muslim.

You remember when Obama bought over 20,000 shotguns and said they were for the IRS? They were for his fellow Muslim in the training camps where they are just waiting for the word to come out and attack we the people. For urban warfare the best weapon is a shotgun. And we are still training them today. All the Muslims are waiting for to come out and kill us all is that the demo rats and the traitor  Republicans have to do is destroy the Second Amendment. The demo -rats under Obama, and his regime and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer passed  laws to protect not only criminals by law and Muslims by law are protected against we the people. we cannot defend ourselves against them and they will never go to jail or be put to death for any murder they commit. just like the illegal Mexicans that are here in our country. When they decide to to commit a crime against humanity the laws of this country are always for the bad guy and the Muslim they are never for the white people, Christians, and Jews.

And no law will ever convict any Demo-rat, or their appointees and their presidents and vice presidents and themselves will never see the inside of a jail for the crimes they’ve committed against we the people in the United States of America including treason and out and out murder. The DOJ will never bring anybody to trial under oath and will never ask them the right questions if they did, they give all the questions to anybody that’s  to come before them way before so those people can go over all the questions with their lawyers like Hillary Clinton and have all the answers ready that the Department of Justice wants them to hear and wants we the people to hear because they think that we the people are actually very stupid, a lot of us are , and a lot of us are not. Now I say to you if you don’t believe what I just said about the Muslims start reading the Koran, where they still live in the seventh century and they will never come out of the seventh century they want to bring the whole world back into the seventh century was sharia law. Rape little boys, sodomize each other, and Marry little baby girls nine years old, and if they have sex with them and the child dies well that’s just tough shit.
And there’s a heck of a lot more in their that goes against humanity in our religious rights as Christians and Jews. Our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In Islam you have no Rights!