no one is going to jail

Okay here  it is, these people i that work the Government, they are just as dishonest as Politicians in this latest deal to over through the election of president Trump, will never see the inside of a jail.

Let’s start with the great Jimmy Carter the first traitor who sold Panama Canal to China and got away with it,  plus a lot of things that he did against the United States of America. Barack Hussein Obama, and his regime of traitors and thieves will never see the inside of a jail, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton the Clinton crime family, Joe Biden and his son committed treason, Karry and his stepson who committed treason, Nancy Pelosi son who’s involved with Ukrainian blackmail thing for money and treason will never see the inside of jail.

James Comay, a traitor who tried to overthrow the president will never go to trial like the rest of these people. John Brennan CIA under Obama committed crime after crime after crime besides he is communist and  a Muslim all at the same time.Peter Strrzok, and his girlfriend tried to overthrow to president of the United States they will never see the inside of a jail. James Clapper another Democrat traitor trying to overthrow the government lied to the Congress lied to the Senate got a pat on the head and he’ll never go to jail.

In order for you to indict all these criminals who have committed treason and other high crimes against the country the United States you have to higher or appoint someone from the outside who does not have any affiliation with any of these people.

Barr who is now in charge is dragging his feet and will never indict nobody, in a few more months there will  be another election and maybe Trump won’t win, then he’s free. These people are all friends and buddies  they been palling around with each other for years and years and they’re all on take they all are on inside trading they all have become super rich because they cooperated fully with the Democrats and the Republicans that are part of the swamp and they all made money hand over fist while they stuck it to we the people and try to make us remain poor and depend on the federal government.

Barr  is a lifetime employee politician. What,  has he been in Washington moving his way up the ladder to high posts to be appointed by his friends. Trump now wants him to be convicting them of crimes and putting them in jail. Never happened it will never happen. Because Barr is just waiting for that big  hundred or two hundred thousand dollars a month  pension and get out. so he cannot convict any of his friends who have been in politics for 25 35, 55 years all their lives as senators and Congressmen who helped him rise in power, and money. There is no one that is a professional employee of the United States government in Washington DC who is clean of any wrongdoing. They all have their hands out they all got a share of the money they all got their promotions for looking the other way and Barr is dragging his feet and no one will ever get convicted. Barr has seen how many presidents come and go, a lot.  Barr has seen senators and congressmen come and go. But he’s still there. So it makes no difference to him who the president is what the president wants, whose committed crimes against the people of the United States he doesn’t care. November there might be a big change, because The traitor Democrats in trader Republicans during the Obama started early voting like a week ahead of time to make sure that all the cheaters and liars and that people and illegal aliens can get in there and vote for the wrong people. Mr. communism himself Sanders,  or Biden, then everything goes back to what it was. Screw the people of the United States keep them  pregnant and barefoot, always cause chaos never let them have any piece, keep creating enemies on top enemies to destroy the people in this country so they can have control. Make sure the Socialist/Communist Government by the Demo-RATS and Traitor Republicans take all the money you work for and give it away to the world while destroying our country. Our Country not theirs because they are al Globalists, Demo_RATS and Traitor Republicans.

Obama’s  killer care health for all of us,  Dr. somebody I forget his name right now said that the people of the United States were stupid. He’s right, we are stupid to put up with all this bull shit that’s going on in this country and not doing anything to stop it. Dummies we are the government of the United States we are supposed to tell Congress and Senate what we want, they’re not supposed to tell us what they’re going to do with how much money they’re going to make for one another stabbing us in the back, taking care of other countries for big money and destroying our country and our freedom. We the people better get our heads out of the sand and see what’s going on a remember what the politicians demo rats and traitor Republicans want to do to us and our country.

Remember Pres. Trump is not a shoe in with the Democrat party and traitor Republicans have all control of all the big cities where there’s hundreds of thousands of votes, and they have been giving out voter cards and driver’s license and IDs to illegal alien from Mexico who are guaranteed they will vote against Pres. Trump and for the Democrats. And the State Department is dragging their feet they’re not really out there checking to see how many legal aliens are going to vote in November but in a care their professional politicians like the rest of them they see people come in a season, presidents go and vice presidents go and they are still there.

Also all of these employees are protected by union which the Congress and Senate let in because the unions paid them $1 billion a year and have them take over the government, where the Constitution  says that there’s not supposed to be a union if you’re a government employee you are employed by the government. And you’re not protected by union protected by the government so the unions control the professional workers that are politician, and Congress will touch of because they like that big money the unions give them to keep them going.

For myself and the people around me I guarantee you hundred and 20% come November I’m voting straight Republican and I’m voting for Donald Trump!