There is no utopia

There will never be the so-called utopia, that is professed by socialism and communism. There never will be peace in the world because the people that run the world don’t want peace, take the United States of America. We helped create communism.

If America wouldn’t have stuck its nose into Russian affairs after Russians murdered everybody that was educated and farmers and anyone else that headed education. They were all starving to death and Communism wasn’t working it was ready to die. We sent Russia all the technology and all the help they needed to get started plus money.We created a new enemy, Russia!

Even in the 50s when Eisenhower was elected President of the United States, and China was having its revolution between the Communists and the nationalists Pres. Eisenhower chose to help the Communists in fact, the Nationest, run by chang ki Check, a friend to the USA was driven out of China by Mao,  not fiction look it up. And all through the years the United States of America as always worked with and for  and  helped the enemy first before they help the USA. That was controlled by the State Department that was always run by people who hated the USA, Like Kerry and Hilary Clinton.

Wilson read a science fiction book by HG Wells about how the world got together and all the nations became one and all cooperated and it was a utopia. Remember this is science fiction. So that great pseudo-intellectual Woodrow Wilson wanted to make this a reality. And he created, after World War I, the league of Nations which failed to do anything right. And then many years later it became the most corrupt governmental organization in the world called the UN. Run by third world countries.

And the UN has never been at peace in this world since World War II we have been in many many wars since World War II that killed many many many of our young men and women. Starting with the Korean War up till today where we are still in Afghanistan almost 20 years, where we don’t belong, we’re still in the Middle East where we don’t belong and all of these wars are UN wars. No country that we are fighting declared war on the United States of America.

The UN declared these wars and are politicians starting with the presidents who believe in all of his bull crap that the UN will bring peace to the world, it will never happen. Because man is corrupt by nature. He’s greedy and loves the money will sell his soul and you and me for money.  You can see where our government, our senators and congressmen in the past presidents and vice presidents and the bureaucracies have sold us out to the highest bidder there is. Who suffers in all of this, phony dealings. Like the Biden’s and the karry’s, Obama and all his people, Mitch McConnell,. They are all corrupt every one of them in Washington DC that run our country are corrupt they do not work for the country they work for themselves. They have an idea that they never liked they all like little cars so they pass a law that we the people have to drive little car we have no choice.

Thou  shalt not kill, one of the 10 Commandments, what we do? We pass a law to make murder legal, murdering unborn babies and  babies that are born by drilling a hole in her head and then sell the body parts. And we also give money to other countries in the millions and millions of dollars to kill their unborn babies. In the fake news media run by the Obama people, and the cold-blooded murderers run by Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the whole demo rat party and traitor Republicans who go along with the demo rat party, voted to pass this law that makes it legal to murder little babies and t unborn and born. So how can there ever be a utopia when things like this go on every day 365 days a year with corrupt dishonest disloyal people that run our country and the people in the UN who run the world and other countries are the same or worse.

So Woodrow Wilson, was a goof, Bernie Sanders is a communist psychopath who preaches everybody should get everything free, somebody’s going to pay there’s nothing free in this world believe me. Now Bernie Sanders at the beginning the campaign trail, for what six or seven months ago during this time he collected $85 million a month to run his campaign. His wife took 15%  of that 85 million right off the top for her and her husband plus they get to keep the $85 million campaign dollars for themselves. Sanders preaches communism and being poor and socialism as a utopia but this guy is so super rich he could sell everybody 10 times over. He tries to make out like he’s not have very rich, he tries to make you think he’s  poor, yeah my foot, this traitor isn’t, poor he superrich.

Why doesn’t he share all his money with all the people that he says he will  give everything free to,  if he is elected President , like a free education, he could pay for a lot of kids to get a free education what all the money he’s got and all the money he makes and all of them do.  With inside trading on the stock market ( which we would go to jail for) selling secrets to the enemy, selling us out to anybody. Joe Biden does it with his family,Kerry does it with his family, and even Nancy Pelosi son is involved in the Biden deal with the Ukrainians making money hand over fist while selling them our secrets and committing treason and no one will stop them.

So in conclusion if you think that government will give us a utopia, and peace all the time, forget about it. Because we create our enemies we created communism, we created socialism, we created the Russians, we created the Chinese as enemies of the United States of America and we fund them with our money so that they can outstrip us in military equipment and take us over anytime they want. Also we funded the Chinese $3.7 million to develop the coronavirus that’s killing tons of people every day. There is no such thing as a utopia there is no such thing as peace in the world, there will never be peace in the world as long as the world is run by then and women who are so corrupt they have no conscience and are jealous and greedy and only want more money. They think they will never die, and if they do they think that they will be on a high pedestal wherever death takes them. Obama brought the enemy into this country by the millions the Muslims who want to take over and destroy our constitution and Bill of Rights for Sharia Law over our civilized laws of our land. Illegal Aliens are not here to become Americans they are here to change everything to Mexican and Spanish. The Muslims want Islam. Obama is a true Traitor he and he and the aDemo-RATS and Traitor Republicans for money created our enemies and brought them into this country. Then that, the Demo -RATS pass laws that we can’t defend our selves against these enemies and they, Obama’s Regime and the Demo-rats set up training camps for the Muslims and train the in Urban war fare against us. Another reason why  Nancy Pelosi and  Demo-Rats want our guns, so the can turn the Muslims loose on us and amke sure we can’t defend ourselves against them or anyone else who wants to take over the USA.

The only president in modern-day history that ever worked for the United States of America is Donald Trump. And he stands alone and fights for us all by himself. Thank God for a tough guy like Donald Trump to run this country.

In fact or Demo-Rtas and Traitor Republicans never help the USA, our government wants to destroy our country to become globalists. Which is socialism and communism. And the elite politicians will never suffer only the people you and I will suffer for this.

How did it all start you might ask. Well it started with that great pseudo-brilliant thinker who believed that he and he alone was chosen by God Almighty to run the world. Not just the United States. This goof Woodrow Wilson was a great fan of reading science fiction written by H.G. Wells….FICTION!!! World peaces is FICTION!!!