The 100 year Plan

This looks like today’s modern times that it was planned the hundred years ago that at this time and in this century the United States of America in the whole world should be global. When did all the start, this all started with Woodrow Wilson who I dislike immensely, as a president, because he thought he was like a prophet from God that is sent here to rule the world. And he had his alter ego with hidden at all times a socialist named Edward House., Who was the socialist power behind the throne.

Over 100 years ago Wilson a super Duper intellectual that he thought he was so much more brilliant than anybody in the world, he was it. Believe it or not this clown loved reading science fiction especially books by H.G.Wells

HG Wells, the best science fiction writer of the last part of the 19th  century. Wilson read one of HG Wells books on about how the world is all got together. Now remember HG Wells wrote fiction, not fact but fiction. Wilson adopted this fictitious story in this book and tried to create the league of nations. Right after World War I. A year after he told the United States public that we would never go to war with Europe we went to war against Germany.

Anyway this is when he brought up the league of Nations and it didn’t work, at that time in fact it never worked, now it became the UN, and it still doesn’t work. Why doesn’t it work because it’s governed by greedy men who fight  each other over everything, except destroying the USA so they can run the world, and nothing gets done but this science fiction folly called the United Nations has put the United States of America in no-win wars since 1950 starting with the Korean War. The United States of America adopted Wilson’s science fiction brain thrust to keep up with the United Nations in no-win wars, only that our troops died for nothing. For the United Nation’s. And we’re still letting the United Nations kill our young people. We ran out of white men to die so now the government is putting women into the front line to become the maimed and die just like the men have their legs and arms blown off their faces destroyed and they die sad.

And what was Woodrow Wilson? Demo rat! He and House figured out in 100 years the world would be globe.According to HG Wells fiction book science fiction the world would be one big happy family. On paper it looks great in reality it sucks because it’ll never happen in 1 million years because people are people, people are greedy people are small, people are mean backstabbing and the more power you give them the worse they become.

That is our government today And who has been in charge of globalization since then, a the demo rat party in the United States of America that has had control of this country for over 100 years. Politicians can’t stand to see the United States people successful, and have money in their pocket.

Warren Harden came next, during the “roaring Twenties”During Harding’s little time as president all kind of things were going on that we were progressing extremely fast air conditioning in theaters electric refrigerators all kinda good stuff for the people people had money in their pockets people were working everything was going great. Harding was a Republican. Then all of a sudden Harding had a heart attack in office and died. Me I believe that the powers that want to control the government killed Harding because things were getting too good for the people and wherever the powers that be that control the lousy demo rat and traitor Republicans don’t want to see the United States move ahead they don’t want to see the people move ahead. So they killed him.

Calvin Coolidge was next and I was wrong he is the guy that was the president during the roaring 20s and he is the guy that really move things forward that we advanced very far into the future he brought in radio and music and all the other inventions to make America a great nation. But you don’t hear too much about Calvin Coolidge. But he was a better president then Harding or Wilson up to that point because he worked for the United States of America. Guess what he was, a Republican, who wanted to see people have money in their pockets lower taxes and enjoy their lives.

The next president to come along, Herbert Hoover was a Republican. And he’s blamed for the great stock market crash in 1929 that supposedly broke everybody. But the smart people were in the know that in do anything but let everything ride and in a few years they were multimillionaires again. Reading about this depression it wasn’t really Hoover caused the depression it was the federal reserve that prints our money and is controlled by the five biggest banks in New York at that time. And guess who who convinced the Congress to let the banks print our money which they’re not supposed to do and call themselves the Federal Reserve, and they are not federal was that great man behind the throne Edward House, socialist communist from the get-go. In return for told for turning over the control of our money to five banks and paying them a percentage of our money so that they would print our money and take care of it was done by the Democrats how much money with ace promised by the Federal Reserve the five banks of New York that they would receive for them and their families for the rest of their lives. Because no congressmen no senator does anything for free it’s all about money. Selling us out to the highest bidder every time.


While all of this was going in the United States of America, the Demo-Rats and Republicans were not for the United States of America, rushing in to help the communist who murdered everybody including all the farmers when the Bolsheviks took over the country. The United States kept communism alive if it wasn’t for the United States communism would’ve died right there in Russia in 1918 right after they did the revolution. The USA had to make a enemy for us and the world.  But United States of America will let that happen we gotta make an enemy let’s make and  monitor communist because one day hundred years from now that’s what were supposed to be according to Wilson’s hundred year plan to make the world one global UN United Nations. Which on paper in science fiction it works in reality it doesn’t work because greedy men run it and they see an opportunity to steal money hand over fist at any cost murder blackmail wars this that they’ll do it. Their sons will not have to die in the war our sons will have to die in because the United States of America is the UN’s Army. Every other country puts in 50 guys  say 10,000 guys we put in 500,000 guys plus airplanes and ships and munitions and we lose most of our guys. 90% of all the soldiers that have died from World War I up until today January 2020 have been white. Don’t believe me look it up I did.

Roosevelt’s regime was full of Communist, The DOJ, The State Department was loaded with Communist. WWII saved us from destruction.

Eisenhower when he was President, and Moa, the communist leader was fighting Chang Kai Shek for control of China, Eisenhower, and our Government sided with the Communist and helped them take over China. Millions of Chinese were murdered by Mao. So who does our Government stick for and help, countries and people who are against our Country!!! Run by the Demo-Rat Party and Traitors who are supposed to be REpublicans but are not. Like Mitt Romney The Back Stabbing Snake!