Schift, colluded with Russia

As I see it the Demo-Rats with the help of Traitors REpublicans like Mitt Romney no one will ever be punished and Shift will get a pat on the head and a couple million dollars reward to being a Traitor to the USA. Remember Schumer is a socialist, he said so on National TV and says he wants the USA to be socialist. as for Nancy The Queen of Taxation and other crimes Is a Communist and take her orders directly from the USSR along with her partner, the other card carrying Communist, Bernie Sanders.

No has been indited yet, Hillary, Obama and his crew, the FBI, The Traitors in the DOJ or State Depart. And no one will ever go to jail. The Senators and Congressmen men are the real MAFIA. The Real MAFIA are Boy Scouts compared to our dishonest Government!