Riots all through the United States over, and excuse, a black guy was killed by a policeman. That same day, another black guy was killed and was a guard but nobody riots over this this guy. Why? Because he was on the side of the law, he doesn’t count.

How do people get so organized to riot. Notice they are all in demo rat cities run by demo rats. They love criminals, chaos, and instead of arresting the looters in the rioters, in Atlanta Georgia, they arrest two policeman because they can handled these people too harshly. Well if I was a cop, after they arrested policeman for doing her job, I’d go home and let the looters and the criminals burn the city down rob all the stores they want to rob. So why be a policeman if you can’t stop these people and it takes a little strength sometimes to put these people down and handcuff them and put them in their place. No the Police get arrested and the crooks get away.

ANTIFA has been declared a terrorist organization, yes they are, their  all in the demo rat cities causing all the chaos and all the trouble. The Democrats say that Trump can’t do this, it goes against the Constitution. No it doesn’t these people are terrorists they are sponsored by the demo rat party. George Soros funds them money through his organizations, from money, billions of dollars that he gets from the demo rat party. Our tax dollars.  this guy is a smart guy is  destroying our country with our money he never touches his money. And  Soros kickbacks must be tremendous to our criminal congressmen and senators who give this guy billions of dollars and he gives back thousands of dollars to them for their campaigns. Good way to take bribes.

Everybody wants of blame Pres. Trump for this. But they can’t blame Pres. Trump for this because he didn’t start the riots in all the demo rat cities that are allowing these riots and the black people to loot and burn down business. The demo rats in the cities tie the policeman’s hands behind their backs so they can’t do anything to stop these people, all they can do is try to contain them in one area where they can and burn down anything they want.

This group of looters, are so well-organized all across the country commit these crimes. All sponsored, by the demo rat party, and this is part of Obama’s regime to cause chaos and trouble and they call it social justice.

That’s another reason why the corrupt congressmen and senators of both party have passed laws against the people that they have to spend all the money that they collect a year in taxes and income taxes that leaves the door wide open for what the demo rat party is doing right now stealing money hand over fist. Giving billions to people like George Soros is trying to destroy the United States, giving money to organizations like ANTIFA, and any organization that is against the United States that will work to destroy the United States. .

Our government creates all the problems we have, and all the enemies we have, to cause chaos, crime, and they pass laws against we the people and we cannot defend ourselves against the criminals who attack us. The Muslims have carte blanche to commit murders and get away with it, the black people have the right to riot and burn down all their cities because of social justice. In any criminals organization that works against the United States, is also sponsored by George Soros and the demo rat party get all the money they need to wreck this country and we the people.

Most of it is to destroy the First Amendment and the Second Amendment and take away our weapons so that they can enslave us and do away with us as they want. The federal government senators, congressmen and bureaucracies are the enemy of the United States of America and our freedom. And the demo rat party are the ones who are leading the way to our destruction.