I don’t think so

Do black lives matter? No, not really because this is government trained terrorist group, and sponsored by the government, paid for by the government. Trained by the government how to loot nad burn down businesses, and create chaos. Yet they refuse to march in the streets of Chicago where every weekend 20 or 30 black people are murdered every week. They kill each other like shooting fish in a barrel.

Does it mean that black lives matter, it only matter when a black man is killed by a white policeman. But as long as there murdering each other that’s fine? It looks that way. Then they are well-organized to create trouble in all the Democrats cities where they are sponsored by the Democrat party, all over the United States. Interesting how quickly they can be organized to march in the cities with their communist rhetoric and destroy that city. Don’t forget they also have the help of demo rat mayors Democrat governors and Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer backing them making sure that they will never go to jail for any crime that they commit. Again two sets of laws for different people, sponsored by the demo rat party.

The Demo-rat government experiment with the black people, to cripple them more than what they were, crippling then by taking the husband, the male figure out of the family destroy the black family structure and make it a matriarch society. And then gave the women more money for more children that they have out of wedlock. So 90% of the children born to women in the black society when the men were taken away our half-brothers half-sisters three quarters brothers no one really knows who their father was. And it shows that single-parent families run by women in a matriarch society does not work. they raised savages not human beings who hate the USA and the white people. So why did the demo rat party create this social tragedy. Because they can’t help but interfere in the natural order of humanity. The demo rat party and traitor Republicans feel that they are God’s gift to run the society of humanity not only in this country but in the world.

And now they’re going to the Kennedy doctrine,  and all mellotto race in the United States of America, so they can have more control over the people. They can’t make the black man white, but they can make the white man black. This all helps to destroy the United States of America. Mixed races don’t work, in Brazil where everybody is a mallutto. There are more high crimes, murder, drugs in Brazil which is a lawless country than anywhere in the world.

The other failed socialist/communist unfair law that was passed by the demo rat party created by the Democrat party is called affirmative action. Affirmative action says that no matter what, no white male will surpass any black mail anywhere. the black male will always be chosen over the white. That is racism. Created by the God like thinking people of the demo rat party who constantly destroy rights, privileges, freedom of humanity in the United States of America. Also pushing their ideas into the world.

The demo rat party created the UN saying that with the UN there will always be peace in the world. The demo rat party and traitor Republicans gave to the UN our Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and all the technology to fight a war for the UN. ( who gives all this technology to our enemies)The UN is a failure, we have lost hundreds and thousands of young men and women because of the demo rat party and our demo rat presidents and the Republicans to to put this country into laws we created that says we will not be able to win a war. Our soldiers, black white Oriental died for the UN not protecting the United States but fighting no win wars for the United nation. Since 1950 our country has never fought for United States of America. No country that the UN has sent this country to war , our presidents and sent this to never declared war or attacked the United States except Saudi Arabia. They were the ones that attacked the United States of America and we did nothing to them. Because the Bush family is tied to the hip with oil oil (OPEC) money, and so were all the Democrats and Republicans that run this country.

So black lives don’t matter as far as I’m concerned, it’s just another government-sponsored terrorist group, like ANTIFA trained by our government and paid for by demo rat party and refuses to call these people terrorists even though they terrorize and burn our cities and kill our policeman. And the policeman and all the demo rat cities were chaos, murder, crime, destruction of private property is taking place is condoned by the mayors in the governor’s of those states and they tell the police you can’t overreact and you can’t stop these people from doing what they wanted to do.

They want to try and destroy the greatest president in the history the United States of America Donald J Trump. But it’s not going to work. Like I said in my last article it is imperative if we want this country to stay free of terrorists world powers and all the enemies, our Senators and Congressmen of our country we have to have term limits for every senator and congressmen that is in Washington DC right now.

Look what Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, all the Democrats can do to destroy this country they have taken control with our money giving them all the power they need to destroy our country. Remember their motto is, both traitor Republicans and Democrats is Fuck the USA and destroy it.