I agree don’t let the Feds take over the Police

From the John Birch Society:

As riots and protests continue across America, some have opted to urge a transfer of authority over local police away from local and state governments, and into the hands of the federal government. While some police misconduct does exist, citizens must be aware that there is always potential for abuse of police power. However checks on the police do exist which can keep police wrong doings to a minimum.

Abolishing local control of police and placing all police power in the hands of federal officials is not the answer. There are no facts to support the position that police misbehavior would be reduced if the badge of an officer said “U.S. Police” rather than “Minneapolis Police.”

We also need to remember that millions of interactions occur each year between local police and members of the public which end peacefully the majority of the time. Times when a police officer behaves in a manner that results in a death of a citizen are in a tiny minority. It is tragic when it happens but we can never eliminate all injustice.

It’s important to remember that today’s sheriffs are accountable to the local voters who elected them, and police chiefs are accountable to those locally elected officials who appointed the chiefs. This means that they are ultimately accountable to YOU. If these law enforcement agencies become entangled with the federal government, the accountability then shifts to the federal government and not the local voters. The local law enforcement officers would then no longer serve their local communities but rather the federal government.

That is why it is so important that we continue to support our local police and keep them independent from the federal government. Use the action items below to see how you can help. There is no better time than now to show support of our local law enforcement.

Action Items:

  1. Watch Local Police vs National Police: Local Police vs National Police
  2. Find Out More About SYLP: Support Your Local Police
  3. Start a Support Your Local Police Committee: SYLP Committee Form