With our help China developed a synthetic plague

You know what, the Chinese And  the United States of America especially the demo rat party and the State Department tried to create? A synthetic plague.

The demo rat party, and the State Department prior to  Pompeo, throughout the history United States, have always supported the enemy before they would support the United States of America. Especially if they were communists and dictators.

So are demo rat Congress and Senate who are incharge of everything, sent China billions of dollars and even scientists, to create a synthetic plague that couldn’t be cured to kill off three quarters of the world population. Also the Demo-rat party, who Obama is still in control of, by law Obama and the demo rat party passed laws to  kill, and murder unborn babies.And murder bron babies by drilling a hole in their brains and then sell thew body parts and blood to the highest bidders for millions of dollars. Talk about Murder Inc. for profit, Obama’s and Pelosi’s murder by law, I wonder how much money they get as a kick back for passing laws to murder human beings.

Now with Nancy Pelosi at the head of the government. And her  rats, Chuck Schumer, Nadler, Shifft. And the the Muslims that are demo rats and OCS or whatever her name is, the ignorant pig that is in Congress that doesn’t know that buffaloes don’t have wings.

The Democrat party is all about chaos, murder, and crime. But we cannot just say it’s the Demo-rats because the old-timers that are Republicans and  rats that Romney go along with everything that Obama’s demo rat party run by that traitor  pig Nancy Pelosi and her kind, want to kill off all the people they can, especially the white people, and destroy the United States of America. Our Constitution our Bill of Rights, our way of life, our freedom, and take away all our money and put in their pockets, so they don’t have to suffer in the new world order, we the people will.

Now I don’t understand this but we are being destroyed by the enemy within, the government which is the Demo-rat party and traitor Republicans, run by Obama, Nancy Pelosi ,Chuck Schumer. So now why isn’t the military stepping in to stop these politicians from destroying our country because they Are The enemy from with in.

Military swear to uphold the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and to protect us from all enemies, foreign or domestic. Our biggest enemy is domestic. The demo rat party run by Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and traitor Republicans, the old-timers that have been there all their life, like Mitch McConnell who knows everything and who also worked with the demo rats to destroy this country. That’s why they  all are stealing, that’s why they’re all committing treason because they know when they get power again this country is gone.

It will be up to us the people, the real government, with our guns and Bibles to take back our country by force, if the military does not step in and destroy the domestic enemy, our senators and congressmen.