Patriot puts lying Wasserman Schultz in her place

Wasserman Schultz help her Muslim boy friend steal 6 million dollars and she is still in congress. She is a nasty ignorant little bully that should be thrown out of congress, and sent to jail, for helping her Muslim boy friend steal 6 million dollars. But she is a Traitor and that what all Demo-RATS they are all above the law!

  • From Freedom wire:

    Patriot PutsLYING Wasserman Schultz In Her Place

    Patriot Puts LYING Wasserman Schultz In Her Place

    Debbie Wasserman Shultz may be the vilest member of Congress…

    She’s so vile that even the Ol’ Comrade Bernie can’t stand her.

    As well he shouldn’t…

    She’s the one responsible for stealing Bernie’s chance at victory in the 2016 election. Wasserman Shultz and other Democratic leaders plotted to put Hillary out as the DNC’s nominee instead of Bernie, and they played dirty to make sure it happened.

    It’s a shame too (for Bernie AND the Left)…

    Because of the two DNC frontrunners from that year, he was the only one that had a shot at beating the Donald.

    But Wasserman Shultz, Donna Brazile, and others decided that Hillary was better qualified to take on the juggernaut that is Trump…

    And they were wrong.

    Even better, Wasserman Shultz got CAUGHT in the process…

    And in doing so, was forced to resign as the chair of the Democrat National Committee in what we like to call “a spectacular fall from grace.”

    If you asked Bernie, she got off light…

    He wanted her to not only resign as the chair, but—since her morals were definitely skewed—he wanted her to resign from Congress altogether.

    Of course…

    She didn’t.

    She’s STILL trying to push people around and tell them what to do…

    Only now, instead of doing it as the chair of the DNC – she’s doing it as a member of House committees.

    Disgusting Display Of Hubris

    However, since her fall from grace, she doesn’t get NEARLY the amount of respect that she used to.

    In a recent meeting of the House Oversight Committee, Wasserman Shultz tried to use her bully pulpit to push around the acting Director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Ken Cuccinelli.

    Cuccinelli was there to discuss what was going on at the border…

    So, having the ability to say anything she wanted, Wasserman Shultz did exactly that while questioning the director on immigration policies – especially those at the border.

    “You and Mr. Trump don’t want anyone who looks or talks differently than Caucasian Americans to be allowed into this country. You want to block all immigration and make life harder for immigrants, and you have demonstrated that you will pursue this heinous, white supremacist ideology at all costs.”

    Cuccinelli responded immediately, “After declaring that I’m not a white supremacist, as you alluded, nor is the president…”

    To which Wasserman Shultz replied, “Facts matter.”

    To which Cuccinelli said, “Yes, they do. Yes, they do. TRUTH matters.”

    Showdown: Cuccinelli Wipes The FLOOR With Wasserman Shultz

    Wasserman Shultz then interjected, “That’s why I’m stating them here today.”

    Cuccinelli shook his head, “No, you certainly are not.”

    Of course, Wasserman Schultz took this time to try and get the answers she wanted by asking Cuccinelli to answer her questions but Cuccinelli didn’t care, he just continued with his thought.

    “You’re certainly cloaked in legislative privilege means you can get away with NOT telling the truth.”

    In the colloquial of today’s youth, that’s called a “mic drop”.

    Later, in an interview with Fox, Cuccinelli really let Wasserman Shultz have it: “It was a flyby for her to get her little soundbite. It wasn’t substantive, and people need to realize that’s what’s going on in so many of these congressional hearings. They have no interest in the truth.”

    That’s hitting the nail on the proverbial head…

    They have NO interest in the truth…

    They just want to have what they said be put on record so they can push their agenda and narrative.

    That’s it.

    If they were interested in the truth, they wouldn’t be pushing a bogus impeachment movement…


    They’d be going after REAL criminals like the Clintons and the Bidens.

    Justice has died in Washington, DC…

    And without a mainstream media to keep the politicians honest, Americans are running out of options.

    Leaving it up to us to keep our government honest…

    And they wonder why we won’t give up our guns.